Sunday 17 September 2017

My favourite holiday photo

Being a maniac with a camera from a young age where I take a umpteen shots of the same moment and countless photographs per day my collection of photographs is colossal. Both printed photographs and digital ones are part of my immense collection of photographs.

To me the beauty of a photograph is capturing the moment and experience to treasure forever.

My photographs are very important to me. They evoke memories and emotions. Over the years my photographs have provided comfort and a light of happiness. Looking through my treasured collection of photographs is a way to remember loved ones and good times which was a huge help when I went through dark days of depression.

Special occasions and holidays are when my maniac photographing is in overdrive. Whilst I do embrace the moment itself and am not so glued to my camera that I do not get involved and do not experience the moment in real life, the number of photographs I quickly capture when on holiday or enjoying a special occasion is immense.

With that in mind when Holidays Gems recently approached me to ask me to share my best holiday photo I had a mighty job on my hand to narrow my zillions of holiday photographs down to just one!

Being a parent I love my cosmic collection of photographs of my children and was very tempted to pick a photograph of them on one of our family holidays but choosing a favourite between them was nigh on impossible. All of them have a special importance attached to them. First holiday as a family of three. My eldest older than holidays before doing something new and brave. First holiday as a family of four. Brothers bonding together on holiday during a special experience.

As such I turned to photographs from holidays before my little family life. With a number of holidays to consider all with special memories attached to them I decided on my first ever holiday abroad.

At the age of 12 having enjoyed many wonderful staycations in the UK I was fortunate to go on my first holiday abroad with my family to Tenerife.

My first flirtation with a holiday abroad was a fantastic experience and instilled a love of travel and seeing the whole world.

There were many incredible experiences during our holiday in Tenerife. Along with day trips to towns and family attractions along with days spent at beaches and the apartment pool we enjoyed a variety of experiences. Visiting Mount Teide and seeing the breathtaking views from the volcano. Hiking the Masca walk trail. Scuba diving for the first time. Taking a day boat trip out into Atlantic ocean to see dolphins, view the magnificent island from afar and to swim in the warm ocean.

As someone who has always loved the ocean and when I was a teenager wanted to be a marine biologist one of the most incredible experiences of the whole trip was scuba diving and swimming in the atlantic ocean.

We took a day trip out on a boat that was decorated as a fanciful pirate ship. I was in awe seeing majestic dolphins soar in and out of the water. I enjoyed sampling the fresh food being served. I felt alive with the sea air in my hair as the boat skipped along the waves. I loved swinging off the rope swing on the boat into the warm sea below. I felt at home basking in the sun as I swam and splashed in the sea.  

Thinking of that day brings back lovely memories and with it being a highlight of our holiday to Tenerife it is a wonderful reminder of my first holiday abroad. As such I love this photograph that my mum took of me whilst I was swimming in the sea.

It may not be the most clear capture or have wondrous sights, in fact apart from those who know you would not be able to say where it was taken from looking at it only that it was in the sea somewhere in the world but to me it is a treasured photo. When I look at it a smile spreads on my face. I feel young again and happy thoughts of the day and splashing in the sea come flooding back.

Remembering past holidays especially that special first holiday abroad has made me want to holiday abroad again with my own little family, making special memories together and capturing memorable moments in photographs to cherish forever.

The question is what holiday destination should I choose next?

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