Monday 27 November 2017

Curtains or window blinds??

Recently we have been refurbishing our living room. Since we moved in it has had very little attention to it. A few ornaments and pieces of furniture have changed places or been moved to another room as we settled it but since then nothing has changed. It has been a comfortable, lived in space that has served us well but it has been lacking in style and a sense of character.

As we have decorated and done home improvements in all the other rooms of the house, the time has come to turn our attention to the living room.

With it being a room that we spend a lot of time in especially together as a family it is only sensible that it is a room that we enjoy spending time in and love the look of.

After considering wallpaper samples, looking patches of colour painted with paint pot testers and getting key furniture, soft furnishings and fittings to highlight character pieces in the room such as the fireplace and brick wall alcove there is only one decision left about how we transform our space - curtains or window blinds?

With windows being an important and sometimes focal point of a room the decision on how to decorate the window is important. What you decide - curtains, window blinds or other option - and then the style of said window dressing can completely change a room and make or break a room’s style. Other considerations include how much light you want to let in and how much you want to see in and out of the window.

Curtains can give a room a sense of elegance whilst also providing a sense of home comfort. The beauty of curtains is that the options are endless as they are available in various colours, materials and designs. Not only are the curtains themselves a way to express a style but curtain poles and tracks can also help achieve a particular home decor look - for example a sleek, metal pole for modern decor and a rustic wooden pole for a rustic, country style.

Curtains also last well and are durable. They are easily cleaned too, being easy to remove for washing when needed. Plus if you fancy a change and are refurbishing your room for a new style they can be changed easily for a set of curtains that match the new home decor better.

Blinds are also available in countless styles, colours and patterns so you can pick the style of blinds that best suits and complements the decor of the room. Not only do blinds come in different styles such as vertical, roman, and cordless but they also come in a variety of materials too such as wood, faux wood, plastic and aluminum to name just a few of the options. The variety means that not only can you find the perfect blind for your room’s decor but also ones that suit your budget too.

Other benefits of blinds is that they allow you to control the amount of light entering the room and also provide amazing level of privacy that can be adjusted as you desire. They are also easy to maintain and clean with them only needing a quick wipe with a damp cloth to remove dust when needed, and are durable especially wood or aluminum blinds.

Whilst I do have a love of curtains especially heavy ones made from luxurious fabrics and have traditionally always opted for curtains, for this current room makeover we have decided to opt for window blinds in place of curtains. Deciding between the two has been difficult as they both boast great benefits but as we live on a busy street and value our privacy window blinds look like the best fit for the room. Plus I like that we can control how much light we let into the room and if we install top-down shades we can enjoy natural light without having to give away any of our privacy. I also like the option of cordless blinds for added safety which is a must with the kids and pets.

Ambition Blinds have a fantastic range of blinds available with a sublime selection of colours and designs to suit all budgets and styles. Not only are they experts in the blind industry but I also love the fact that they champion and are avid supporters of the ‘Child Safe Blinds’ campaign. Their quality blinds, expert service and ethos are just a few of the reasons why we will be going to them for our new wooden venetian blinds.

Do you have curtains or window blinds?

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