Friday 12 January 2018

Is Moving Country A Good Option?

Sometimes we have to move country, or even just want to. For many different reasons people pack their bags and head to a brighter future in a different country. Somewhere that is really popular to move to at the minute is Australia. The lure of the boiling hot summers and to more relaxed lifestyle draws people in. There are other countries that are rising in popularity too for the various different things that they offer. But is moving to a different country a good idea? 

Some people will argue absolutely not. There’s so many different things to consider. Think about how stressful a move to the next state is. Imagine how stressful it is going to be to another country. But is that always the case? Well, there’s going to be that many things to sort you’re obviously going to feel a bit stressed from time to time. But if you plan in advance, like with any move, it’ll take the weight off your shoulders a little bit. So if you’ve got the dream of jetting you and your family off to a different country, we’ve put together a few things that you’re going to need to consider before you actually make the move.

Your children and their happiness should always be at the front of your decision making process. Is the country you’re going to move to going to give them the best life? Will they be able to communicate with the people over there. By this we mean are you moving to a country that speaks a foreign language. It is going to be scary enough them moving to another country, but to one where they can barely understand anyone, or where there is a huge language barrier is only going to halt there progress. Of course, if you know well in advance that you’re leaving, you could always take them to lessons to help to pick up the language.

Their education should also be at the top of your list. It’s their future just as much as it is yours. What opportunities are they going to have from the schools they would be going to? Finally, you need to think about how they’re going to settle down there as a whole. Is there plenty of things for them to do there to keep them entertained? Or are you moving to the middle of nowhere where they might get a little bored as they get older. As much as you might want the move, you need to think of them first.

The prices of where you’re going to buy, and the things around you is something you need to start weighing up. We all know how turbulent the housing market can be, and other countries around the world are no different. Some are extremely expensive to move to in terms of actually buying a house.

The best thing you can do is take a little holiday over there and have an explore of the houses on the market. It is better than just looking over the internet. Plus, it’ll help to give you a feel of the areas you’re looking to move to and whether you actually want to make that move. It’ll give you the opportunity to talk to the professionals out there that can give you a financial advice, and even some of the locals to see what it is like to live there. If you do decide to go and have a mini holiday, it will be a good chance for your children to get out and about and have a look as well. You need to think about size, and location. If you’re looking to expand your family, you need to accommodate for that, even if it does mean you’re paying a little bit extra.

New Housing Vs Old
There are new housing developments being built all over the world that are offering some truly stunning escapes from reality. They’re big, bright, modern, and spacious. It is one of the main things that draws people into buying a new build. In a lot of cases they’re also not much more expensive that an older house, a lot of them have new modern kitchens built in that mean you won’t have to spend thousands getting on up to scratch. But you’re obviously going to be a bit limited on location. You’ll need to try and find, or even wait for a new property launch in your perfect area. But they’re never usually built far out the way. Most new builds are in built up areas with lots of attractions around them. They want to try and get as many sales as possible to make their money back, so they wouldn’t put them where people don’t want to buy.

But, older houses offer a lot more character, and sometimes even more space. But the prices can vary. Some cost a ton of money, others you seem to be getting a great bargain on. But the big worry about older houses is that if something does go wrong, you’re going to be paying for it all yourself. If something goes wrong right after the move it is going to be pretty disastrous. With new builds however, you’re going to be paying for what you get, and if something goes wrong within a certain amount of time, the contractors will most of the time fix it free of charge. It will after all, be something that they’ve done wrong with their building that caused the issue in the first place.

Financially it is going to be one of the biggest decisions you’re going to make in your life. There’s going to be so much pressure weighing on you financially from so many different angles. You already know you’re going to have to weigh up the costs of the house and whether you’ll be able to afford that. But it is also important to factor in living costs and how they might affect you. Different countries charge for different things, so you might find yourself paying an absolute fortune for something you wouldn’t usually do.

Then you need to think about the costs involved with the move. Getting all your belongings overseas is going to be extremely costly. Get some quotes plenty of time in advance and begin your savings for it. The more money you have to throw around the better you’re going to feel about the move. Make sure you have a little spare to decorate your new home as well, and to furnish it especially. You don’t want to be stuck sitting on deck chairs in your new living room for long, especially when you’re in an unfamiliar country, you want to be as comfy as possible.

The Risks
The risks can often largely outweigh the positives of an overseas move. We’ve already discussed how there are so many things that you’re going to need to cover. But you need to think about how the move is going to benefit you, and why you actually want to do it. You need to consider whether it is going to be the best for your children in the future. Is there plenty of job opportunities when they get older? It is the little details like that. You also need to think of whether you’re actually going to fit into the way of life. If you’re going somewhere exotic like Malaysia, the way of life over there might not suit you. Even down to the foods they eat. You’ll have to learn how to live in a new culture and enjoy the things they like doing. Most of all you need to make sure you’re a sociable person. You need to be able to fit in with the people around you.

Have you ever considered moving abroad to another country?

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