Saturday 17 February 2018

Essential scuba diving gear

I’ve always loved the ocean. For as long as I can remember I have been drawn to it. It is mysterious and powerful. The world that lies beneath the ocean waves is intriguing, beautiful and enchanting.

It is my love of the ocean and the creatures that inhabit it that has sparked my passion for snorkelling and scuba diving.

Since a young age I have loved swimming in the sea, during my childhood I would spend hours at the beach most of which would be spent swimming in the water. My love of the swimming in the sea developed and I tried snorkelling.

Then when I was 18 and on a holiday abroad in Corfu with my then boyfriend I had my first experience of scuba diving. From that first dive in the warm Ionian Sea I was hooked on scuba diving.

Since then I have jumped at any chance to scuba dive so that I can explore more of the wonderful world underneath the waves and to be privileged to see breathtaking marine flora and fauna along with aquatic creatures that call the ocean their home.

Whilst I would love scuba dive more regularly and would be over the moon to one day be able to dive deep into the depths of the ocean to explore a shipwreck, as I love scuba diving and dive as often as I can I have slowly been buying a few essential scuba diving equipment that I can call my own to use alongside all the other equipment that I rent when diving.

Even though you do not need to buy any scuba diving equipment as you can easily rent all the equipment as part of your dive package (or from rental stores) there are a few key pieces of scuba gear that are good to buy especially if you are a frequent diver. If you want to dive on a regular basis both abroad and/or here in the UK then the following scuba equipment are top recommendations of what dive equipment to buy first -

Rental masks are good enough for dives, and are more than suitable for one day experiences, but if you dive on a regular basis having your own mask will improve your comfort level underwater. A high quality scuba diving mask that fits your face and is comfortable for you - it is worth trying on numerous styles to find the best one for you - will mean you can enjoy the sights under the sea without being uncomfortable or having to be forever clearing a poor fitting mask.

Dive Computer
Diving watches are an essential piece of equipment as they help reduce the risk of decompression sickness. The benefit of having your own dive computer is that you can get used to it and know what the essential information it is telling you means for a safer, unconfusing dive. Also it is important to realise that following a buddy or dive guide’s dive computer is not suitable as the computers are so sensitive and the small differences between divers’ underwater profiles can change their no-decompression limits.

There are a number of dive computers available on the market with a few different variations to be had including console mounted and wrist mounted. Many dive computers allow you to connect to a PC to download and log dives. Other features available on certain devices include integrated compass, nitrox compatibility, air integration and gas switching.

Wetsuit or drysuit
Again whilst you get a wetsuit included in your dive package and most dive operators/shops will be able to provide a suit that fits well, having your own wetsuit or drysuit provides you with extra comfort. Also as a wetsuit or drysuit must fit properly to keep a diver warm if you end up with an ill-fitting rental suit it will effect how comfortable and warm you are when diving.

Another consideration is whether you are comfortable wearing a rental suit that other people have urinated in (many divers find that diving makes them need to pee).

The difference between wetsuits and drysuits is that wetsuits let water in and are best suited to being used in warmer water temperatures, while drysuits feature seals and heavier insulating materials to keep the wearer dry and is designed for cold water conditions.

If you are new to scuba diving (and you are a competent swimmer and are medically and physically able to dive) or you are a more experienced diver and want to purchase essential diving equipment such as the ones mentioned above or other diving gear then take a look at Simply Scuba for all your scuba diving and snorkelling needs.

Enjoy your diving adventures!

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