Tuesday 17 April 2018

Ideas to Celebrate Your 50th Birthday on a Cruise

Hitting your 50 is a major achievement and it calls for a grand celebration!

And what can be better for the Australians than celebrating this fantastic event on a cruise? In fact, birthday cruises are an excellent way of celebrating birthdays, rejoicing with your loved ones and having the time of your life.

Aside from the fact that celebrating your birthday on a cruise adds so much value and prestige to your event, the best thing about it is that you don’t have to spend hours and hours planning the event. You just have to gather some friends and show up yourself. For more details about cruise birthdays you can visit sydneyprincesscruises.com.au/party-cruises.

Here in this article we’ll discuss some great ideas to celebrate your birthday on a cruise. And if it’s your 50th, then there’s no better option than a cruise birthday that can suit the occasion.

1. Gather Friends
Sure when you’ve turned 50 you must’ve made some great inseparable friends in life. The best way of celebrating such a day in your life is to gather all your friends and family members so that you can spend a milestone day of your life with everyone you love and admire. Then there are amazing group offers from the cruise lines that you can avail. These offers include free champagne and speciality dining.

2. Cabin Decoration
There’s nothing fancier than being surprised by the cabin decoration. If you’re a party planner then you can hang the streamers on the door, and put birthday hats on the towel animals to celebrate the 50 years of your loved one. You can even ask specialized services to decorate the booked cabin.

3. The Necessary Pampering
Celebrating your birthday on a cruise is a guaranteed way of spoiling yourself! Everyone likes to be pampered on their birthdays, even the ones who have turned 50. Does a relaxing massage on your birthday seem like a good idea?

The best part is that there are several cruise lines that offer tempting discounts on such spa treatments on birthdays.

4. Birthday Dinner
For the ones who have never celebrated birthdays on a cruise, let it be known to you now that cruise lines offer terrific dining opportunities in the event of your birthday. You can get all dressed up and enjoy luxury dinner in the main dining hall of the cruise with your family and friends. You’d be surprised to see that some of the cruise lines even offer a variety of cuisines including Asian, French, Italian and even steakhouse options.

5. Dancing the Night Away
Once you’re done with a fabulous dinner that does full justice to your 50th birthday, it’s time for the after party. Most of the cruise lines have nightclubs that stay open late at night. You can grab some of your interested friends and enjoy the rest of the night. After all, the best thing is that you don’t have to worry about driving back home.
These ideas are the biggest motivators for celebrating your birthday on a cruise. And, when you do, make sure you let the cruise line know about it at the time of booking so they can surprise you with gifts!

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