Thursday 5 April 2018

The beauty of fake grass

The garden is an extension of a home. Play and pleasure can be had there. Kids can play, garden parties and BBQ’s can be hosted al fresco, it can be a tranquil haven for relaxation and a beautifully cared for garden can evoke pride and joy.

Gardening is something that can be enjoyed by both adults and children alike. Adults often find gardening relaxing and the pride of seeing a garden transform and hard work come to flourish is very worthwhile. Children can learn about nature, be instilled with an ethic of working hard and gain a sense of achievement.

Whilst gardening is an all year round job, with there being different chores at various time of the year, this time of year induces an extra spark of interest in gardening and desire to give the garden some extra TLC.

Natural grass - high maintenance garden (patchy, muddy and discoloured)

Spring is the perfect time to transform the garden. Whether it is planting new plants, freshening up garden furniture, laying some decking, creating a special garden feature such as a water feature or relaxation area or redesigning your garden inspired by garden trends; now is the time to put in a little bit of effort to make your garden look amazing for the spring and summer months ahead. 

This years must have garden product is fake grass.

There are many benefits to having fake grass in the garden and it is becoming increasingly popular. With it being all the rage let’s take a look at a few key reasons why it a great option.

Low maintenance
Natural lawns require a lot of time and attention. The maintenance needed to keep them looking their best is a lot. Seeding, watering, de-weeding and mowing then repeat again and again! Tiring and time consuming.

Thankfully with fake grass the level of time needed to care for it is low in comparison. There is no need to mow, weed or hose your lawn if it is made with synthetic grass, in fact the only maintenance fake grass needs is a gentle brush down to get rid of unwanted debris or a hose down with water and gentle cleaner to get rid of tougher dirt or pet urine.

The low maintenance of fake grass means you have more time to spend with loved ones and do the things you want.

Child friendly
Fake grass is child friendly for a few key reasons. It is robust so can withstand lots of play. As artificial grass is fitted over a sand base it banishes mud so no more mud stained clothes or muddy footprints. Also as it is artificial say goodbye to grass stained clothes. With a super-efficient drainage system artificial grass dries quicker which means children can spend more time outdoors.

Thanks to zero pollen count, fake grass is also great for those who suffer from allergies. Also as it needs no chemical enhancers and is manufactured using the highest quality eco-materials it is a safe environmentally friendly area which is perfect for children and pets.

Aesthetically pleasing
Fake grass looks great from day one and thanks to key features continues to please the eye for a long time to come all year round. Using an authentic, “real grass” blend of colours fake grass looks amazing and like the real thing. Higher end artificial grass are available with deep pile and super soft finish for a luxurious and comfortable feel underfoot.

Another bonus of artificial grass is that they come with UV protection so the green colour blends do not fade due to excessive exposure to sunlight (if we here in the UK are fortunate enough to get sun that is). It is also durable to all other weather conditions so that your lawn looks lushious all year round.

Save money
Once you have paid for the initial outlay of funds an artificial lawn can save you money as you have no ongoing costs to pay for. The cost of maintaining a natural, real lawn adds up over time as you have to factor in costs such as tools and replacement parts - lawn mower, blades etc., seeds, lawn feed, hose and water rates or paying someone to tend to and mow your lawn. With an artificial lawn you do not have to worry about those costs anymore.

So put simply the beauty of fake is low maintenance, no mess and no mud, can save you money and children friendly. All of these benefits make it the perfect option for those who want an amazing looking garden without to much work and hassle as well as being ideal for families and pet owners. Also if you are the opposite of a green fingered gardener and hate gardening fake grass is the ideal solution.

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