Tuesday 1 May 2018

5 Untold Tricks on Saving Money When Buying Pet Meds Online

From monthly spot-on flea and tick doses to specific medications prescribed by the vet, buying pet meds is one of the major expenses of owning a dog or a cat. Pet owners often suffer from the misconception that pet medications should always be bought from physical pet stores and vets’ offices. While the threat of counterfeit medication is real, when you buy pet medications from reputed online pet pharmacies you are completely safe. Apart from the convenience of ordering online, pet pharmacy websites often give you deals and discounts on frequently bought medications and pet products.

First Things First, Check Vipps Accreditation
When buying pet medications on the internet, it’s important to be skeptical. Buying a medication from an unknown site just because it features a heavy discount is not at all warranted. Before you scout for deals and discounts, you need to shortlist the websites you can trust. Find reputed websites that are VIPPS accredited. This accreditation is awarded to websites following a strict audit, which includes everything from random testing to checking the storage facilities. When you buy a product from VIPPS accredited site you know you are getting an authentic product. It also helps to check if the business is listed in BBB (Better Business Bureau). Read customer reviews on the BBB website and checkout their overall rating.

Look up Online Prices While Getting an Estimate from the Vet 
Before you visit an online site it’s always recommended to speak to your vet. Some vets recommend specific websites while others insist that you purchase the medications from them. The best way forward is to get an estimate of the total price of all the prescribed medication from the vet’s pharmacy outlet. This helps you compare the prices and find the best deal. You can even open a browser tab on your mobile and start searching for pet meds online to compare the prices while you are at the counter. This will save you a trip as you can buy the medications that are cheaper at the vet’s office while leaving the rest for online ordering.

Learn the Generic Name 
Much like human medication, knowing the generic name of pet meds can save you a lot of money. If a vet prescribes you a particular brand, don’t shy away from asking the generic name. Ask the vet if it’s okay to buy the generic drug from a different manufacturer. Most vets would have no problem as long as you are buying the med from a reputed manufacturer. Once you know the generic name, search online and find drugs that are cheaper than the one prescribed by the vet, but have the same composition.

Scout for Coupons and Offers 
Most online pet pharmacies have a page dedicated to coupons and offers. Go to the page to find a coupon that fits your need. Considering that a lot of these coupons give you flat discounts on the total bill value, this can lead to huge savings. Try out dealsplanet for pet supplies voucher codes. 

Join an Online Membership Plan 
Much like Amazon Prime membership, leading pet meds websites offer membership plans to their customers. Along with faster shipping and exclusive deals, these membership plans guarantee yearly savings. However, it’s recommended to only join a membership program if you need to buy a significant amount of pet products and medications every month.

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