Thursday 10 May 2018

Healthy lifestyle changes

During recent months health issues have plagued many of our loved ones. Some have been more severe than others. From common ailments to severe  life threatening health issues. Migraines, sickness bugs, operations, invisible disabilities and sadly even a death. I too have suffered from ongoing health problems and have had to face a new diagnosis of a chronic lifelong condition.

With health issues touching and changing our lives in many ways it has encouraged me and Lee to reflect on our own health and how we could it improve it.

There is nothing like a diagnosis of a chronic lifelong condition, seeing a loved one battle cancer or losing a family member to make you look at your own health and wellbeing.

Not only do we want to improve our health for ourselves but also for the children too. Being parents sparks a desire to be the best for our children and a longing to live old to see them grow up.

With that in mind we have been striving to implement a few key changes to our lifestyle which will hopefully positively benefit our overall health.


Whilst is common sense that exercise is good for health and wellbeing as we are very busy and family commitments take up much of our time the amount of exercise we get is rather poor.

To improve our health and fitness we have decided it is important that we get moving more which will also have a positive benefit on our mental well-being. Lee has started the Couch to 5k challenge and I am doing a charity swimming challenge. We are also going to be getting active with the kids by doing family bike rides and woodland walks together which will not only help us get fitter and healthier but will also have a positive impact on the children's health too.

Quit smoking
Lee is a long time smoker. As smoking has so many repercussions n a person's health Lee has decided he wants to quit. But after many years smoking it is not an easy task.

He has been looking at the different options available to him. Quit using nicotine replacement products such as patches or nicotine gum. Or switch from smoking regular cigarettes to vaping. As there are so many vaping products on the market he should browse vape accessories at Grey Haze to help him consider his options.

Drink more water
A simple change in lifestyle but one that could really improve overall health is to drink more water. I must admit I most probably do not drink enough water most days so need to work on drink more water on a daily basis. Being a heavy coffee drinker Lee also wants to cut down on his caffeine consumption.

Ensuring our bodies are well hydrated has many health benefits such as energising muscles, maintaining the balance of bodily fluids and keeps skin healthy. To drink more water we have started using motivational drink bottles with time markers.

So far we are both doing well with our lifestyle changes and are already feeling happier and healthier. Hopefully long will that continue and we will have a healthy future ahead of us and we will be around to see the kids grow old for many years to come.

Have you made any lifestyle changes for your health?

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