Tuesday 26 June 2018

Creating a relaxing home environment

Life can be busy, demanding and stressful. Juggling various aspects of life can be challenging. Family life, socialising, hobbies, work, health care appointments, financial commitments and other obligations can be taxing on our time and emotions. 

Dealing with the hussle and bussle of life can leave us stressed out and emotionally tired. As many of us have to overcome long, busy and stressful days when we get home we want to relax and de-stress. 

A tranquil and stress-free environment is much more suitable for de-stressing from life than a hectic and chaotic environment. As our homes are our havens, they can be a sanctuary from stress.

Having a home that is free from chaos and clutter and designed with tranquility in mind can create a bubble from busy life where we can relax and unwind. Even though it may sound absurd that our environments can affect our state of mind and emotional well-being, our surroundings have a big effect on us. 

A cluttered, messy surrounding invites more chaos, is a distraction, frustrates and is uninviting. Physical clutter also causes stress and impairs ability to relax or enjoy oneself. Loud or annoying noise causes agitation and blocks relaxation. 

On the other hand a tidy, organised space is inviting and creates an atmosphere that is apt for relaxation. Natural light improves depression and agitation and comfortable seating encourages us to feel at home and able to unwind. A quiet environment or relaxing music is perfect for creating an atmosphere ideal for de-stressing. 

Thankfully as our environment has an impact on our health and well-being both positively and negatively there are way that we can turn our homes into tranquil environments. 

To help us create a stress free home environment Tub Chairs has created a handy guide filled with useful tips on changes we can make to improve the atmosphere at home which can be found here.

The guide highlights key changes that we can enforce such as introducing Feng Shui into the home, de-cluttering, using calming colours, having more plants and flowers throughout the home and improving sleep hygiene. It also discusses how it helps improve your environment so that it is better suited to relaxation to decrease stress levels. 

What tips do you have for creating a relaxing home environment?

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