Monday 9 July 2018

Caring after our health and well-being

Having a happy and healthy life is something most of us desire. We want to live life to the full, enjoy and live long enough to experience and achieve all that we want.

Not only do we want to be happy and healthy ourselves but we also hope our loved ones are healthy and happy too.

As a parent one of my biggest desires is to live a long life, being as healthy as I can be throughout my years so that I see my children grow old. To see what path their lives lead down, what they achieve and experience as well as what families of their own they create…..perhaps a few grandchildren I can dote on.
Being a parent not only do I want to live a long life to see my children grow old but with all my heart I want them to be happy and healthy too.

Whilst unfortunately we cannot prevent most accidents and many illnesses and conditions are unavoidable there are a few ways we can keep healthy and ways to deal with any health issues that we may have to face.

Healthy body and mind
Following a healthy lifestyle and introducing positive practices into our life can be beneficial to our health and well-being.

Even though life can be hectic if we adopt healthy practices into our daily life we increase our chances of living a happy and healthy life. Basic positive lifestyle changes include:

* Sleep - getting plenty of undisturbed sleep in a relaxed environment
* Eating healthily - nutritional food, drinking more water, avoiding too much salt and sugar and watching portion sizes
* Being active - increasing physical activity by introducing exercise into daily life on a regular basis
* Healthy changes - if you have unhealthy habits such as smoking or drinking too much consider quitting or cutting down
* Supplement your health - to help make sure you are getting enough essential nutrients and to improve then maintain health adding supplements to your diet can be beneficial
* Healthy mind, healthy body - it is just as important to look after your mental health as your physical health. Take time out to relax, look at your stress levels and get help for anxieties and mental health issues
* Anxiety relief - find the challenges of life getting you down? Anxiety through the roof? Consider taking CBD Oil for anxiety as it boasts anti-anxiety properties and releases positive chemicals in the brain to help raise your mood and take away the common symptoms of worry and stress that anxiety causes

Get a health MOT
GPs, hospitals and consultants are not the only way to monitor basic health. Whilst any serious health issues should be discussed with your GP you can monitor or test basic health via some pharmacies or at home with health monitoring devices. 

Regular testing
It is vital that you attend regular testing such as opticians appointments, smear tests and routine blood tests as they can highlight medical issues. The sooner medical issues are found the sooner treatment can start and the odds of a better outcome can be higher than if the issue was diagnosed later on.

Seek help
Even though the NHS Choices is a great resource try to avoid Dr.Google if have any health concerns as the web can be a worrying place when looking at symptoms which is likely to scare you that something serious is wrong.

Whilst health issues can be worrying if you have concerns about your health it is important to see your GP who are trained to diagnose, treat or refer you to the best service to help you with any health problems. 

Try not to let embarrassment or worry stop you from seeking help as the sooner you get help the sooner treatment can be started or referrals to specialist care can be arranged.

It can also be helpful to gain knowledge about health conditions and medical interventions, treatments and devices.  For example being clued up on the different types of contraception can help you make an informed decision, this OBGYN in NYC have lots of informative articles on women's health.

Mental health is just as important as physical health so if you are suffering from mental health issues try not to let embarrassment or anxieties stop you from accessing help from your GP or mental health team who for example can provide the best treatment options for depression for you. Charities such as MIND or the Samaritans are also worthwhile avenues to consider when struggling with your mental health.  

When things go wrong
I love the NHS and think medical professionals so an amazing job in very difficult times. However whilst I champion the NHS and its wonderful staff unfortunately sometimes medical errors do happen, health professionals may not adhere to professional standards or the level of care provided may be substandard. If that is the case it is wise to know your rights to complain.

If the care you receive is substandard or a medical error happens that negatively affects your health you can consider pursuing a case of medical negligence. Other ways of formally complaining is to contact the manager at your GP surgery, contacting the PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Service) department in a hospital or using the NHS complaints procedure.

Here’s hoping you all have many years of happiness, health and mental well-being.

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