Monday 30 July 2018

Why 3-Stone Rings Are So Hot Right Now

Though three-stone rings have long been a popular design for engagement rings, the engagement of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry has recently brought it roaring back to the forefront. The symbolism of the couple’s past, present and future was made all the more meaningful by the Prince’s addition of his mother, Princess Diana’s, diamonds. The heartwarming gesture shown in the Prince’s gifting of this ring to Meghan struck a chord throughout a world that was keeping a keen eye on their engagement proceedings.

Customization Options are Plentiful
Three-stone rings are typically formatted in a specific way, with one larger stone in the center and two smaller, often circular, stones flanking either side. There are different stone shapes in three stone engagement rings that can be combined in any number of ways to create a perfectly customized ring that’s hand-tailored to the bride-to-be.

Meghan’s engagement ring was focused around a 3-karat cushion-cut diamond that Prince Harry had obtained from Botswana. Princess Diana of Wales’ diamonds sit on the sides of the center diamond, which commemorates where Prince Harry and Meghan had spent time together.

Obviously, not everyone has access to imported diamonds and priceless family jewels, but that hasn’t stopped lovers from proposing to their ladies with three-stone rings. There are still many options, like the cuts of the stones you use and the material that makes up the band, that enable just as much customization that’s available to the richest Royal.

Symbolism is Everything
When a couple gets engaged, it’s not at all uncommon for rings to be purchased with a sense of sentiment or symbolism behind the piece. The ring should be as unique and special as the bride-to-be receiving it, and three-stone rings offer this quality in spades.

The three stones in these rings are representative of a couple’s past, present and future together. To give this ring to another is to indicate the utmost devotion and solemnly-sworn promise to nurture their love for the rest of their lives. The three stones, much like the three life stages that they represent, come together to form a singular and breathtaking image.

In the case of Meghan’s ring, the symbolism is clear and influenced with a personal touch courtesy of Prince Harry’s mother’s diamonds. The two flanking diamonds come from a country where the Prince and his bride had spent many days together before becoming engaged. The format of the three-stone engagement ring lent itself perfectly to the couple’s situation and created a meaningful, tangible ring that Meghan wore with radiant pride.

It’s not hard to see why the three-stone ring is so popular among couples of all walks of life. You don’t need to be royalty to bring this same intense and time-honored symbolism into your own proposal. Jewelers all over are offering the wide selection of options applicable to the three-stone ring format, with different materials and diamond cuts that make it more affordable for the average non-Royal to buy for their loved one.

If sentiment, symbolism and time-honored classic aesthetics are of priority as you select the ring for your engagement, turn your eyes toward the three-stone ring.

Author Bio: Paula Green is a former entrepreneur who now focuses on writing about the Royal Family. She is a big fan of the Royals and has followed all the happenings in the Palace. She has written about Princess Diana, Prince William's marriage and the birth of the children and now is writing about Prince Harry's marriage.

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