Tuesday 21 August 2018

Holidaying abroad with children on a budget

Whilst I am a huge fan of staycations and have enjoyed many holidays in the UK and plan on exploring more of what our beautiful country has to offer, there is something special about holidaying abroad.

A family holiday abroad is very exciting. Jetting off in the sun for a dream holiday where you can make amazing memories with the kids and get away from the hussle and bussle of daily life can be an incredible experience for the whole family.

But a big downside to holidaying abroad with children especially school aged children is that family holidays abroad during the school holidays can be very expensive. The thought of tour operators, airlines and hotels hiking up their prices during school holidays can put off many families from holidaying abroad.

Thankfully whilst there is not a lot we can do about the atrocious price increases of holidays during school holidays there are ways that we can budget and save money to book that dream family holiday abroad in the sunshine.

So if you are planning a last minute getaway this summer or thinking ahead to next year’s school summer holidays here are a few tips on how to holiday abroad with children on a budget -

Before holiday 

* Shop around
Don’t just go with the first holiday provider you see, shop around and compare holidays and prices to get your dream holiday at a price that works well for your budget. As well as high street travel agents there are countless holiday providers online with fantastic deals and a huge selection of holidays to choose from that it is wise to compare and look both online and in store.

* Destination, destination, destination
Some holiday destinations and types of holiday are more expensive than others. Luxury holidays such as cruises and long-haul destinations can blow most modest family holiday budgets, Choosing popular family destinations that are renowned to be fantastic budget locations that are family friendly such as Spain, Majorca and Gran Canaria instead is wise and can help make a budget work for a holiday abroad. With that in mind it is worth looking at holiday providers who specialise in sunny destinations closer to home such as

* Book in advance
Whilst there is something to be said about last-minute holiday deals when working on a budget for a family holiday and limited dates to go on holiday thanks to juggling work and school holiday dates it is worth booking well in advance. Planning ahead and booking in advance - as far as a year in advance if possible - can help you snag the best price and save you a great deal of money compared to booking a few months in advance.  

Not only does booking in advance help you save money on the price of the holiday - flights and accommodation - it also gives you lots of time to save spending money and buy essential holiday items through the year which is handy if you see things in the sales rather than in one expensive shopping trip. Another bonus of booking in advance is you have a lovely holiday to look forward to over the winter months.

* Timing is everything
Unless you have a lenient and understand school whilst you may be restricted to the dates of the school holiday different dates during the holidays can differ in price. With that in mind it is worth comparing a few different dates to get the best price. I have found that the last week of the summer holidays tends to be a bit cheaper and it is a great way to end the holidays on a high. If you are open to a holiday abroad later in the year you could look at the October half term which is slightly cheaper than the summer and if holidaying in sunny climates abroad you can still enjoy great weather.

On holiday

* Eat local
Be open to eating at local eateries rather than at restaurants on the seafront and at family attractions. They tend to be cheaper and offer authenticity as you get to experience local cuisine. 

* Stick to a budget
Whilst it may seem obvious look at your spending money and create a daily spending budget for food, travel costs and small expenditures. Having a budget will help you keep spending in check so that you don’t end up with a few days left of your holiday but no money left. If your budget can accommodate extra holiday activities it can be worthwhile having a separate budget for planned activities and day trips such as scuba diving, boating trip or excursions to a family attraction so that money for essentials such as food is not taken up by those holiday activities.

* Compare prices
If you want to venture further than your immediate holiday location and step away from the hotel pool or local beach for days outs, excursions and trips to family attractions compare prices of booking through your holiday rep, a local agent or arranging own holiday activities. If you are planning on doing more than one experience look at packaged deals and sightseeing passes. Be flexible and open to booking one experience one way and another a different way to get the best combined price, for example a day trip through your holiday rep and scuba diving direct with a local company.

These are just a few tips on how to save money before and after your budget family holiday abroad so that you can have that dream holiday in the sun. Do you have any tips or secret ways to get a bargain holiday and stick to a tight family budget?

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