Tuesday 25 September 2018

Things to consider when designing a room

Whether you are redecorating rooms within your existing home or renovating a new home before moving in, creating a beautiful space that works well can be hard work. It is not a simple matter of seeing a photograph of a gorgeous interior in a magazine or online and then recreating it as that interior design may not work in the space that you have, been affordable for you or suit you daily lifestyle.

Don’t let that put you off decorating though as you can have the room of your dreams; designing a room that suits your style, daily lifestyle and budget is more than possible if you put your mind to it. Here are a few things to keep in mind when decorating or renovating:

* Plan
It may seem an obvious point to make but if you don’t have a plan of what you want to achieve it can be easy to get distracted with ideas that don’t compliment your dream design, mistakes can be made and the task of decorating your room can spiral out of control. Part of planning is testing out ideas - get samples and make informed decisions rather than rash, spontaneous decisions so you don’t end up making mistakes such as painting a room based solely on a paint card and realising the shade is wrong for the room or you hate it.

* Self-control
Going hand in hand with careful planning is self-control. If you have a particular style in mind avoid being tempted with items you find that do not compliment it even if on sale. Likewise don’t buy things just because they are on sale if it won’t suit the room or fit in the space as you are not saving money if it is not needed or suitable.

* Stick to budget
When planning on decorating or renovating a room consider what is your budget. This will help you plan what is achievable and what is not. When considering your budget it is worth considering whether you are starting with a clean slate or using items such as furniture you already have but changing the decor and accessories as this will impact on how much your budget needs to cover. To help you stick to a budget careful planning and research is a must. Browse pinterest and interior design blogs and websites to find ideas. Compare prices and look for budget hacks for more expensive ideas you love. Self-control and planning will help you stick within your budget.

* Space
Decide on the purpose of the room - what you want and need from the room. Whilst some rooms have a strong purpose - kitchen, bathroom etc. others don’t have a one size fits all purpose, for example for some the living room is all about a TV whilst others want a space to entertain in. Also many homes nowadays have rooms that split dual purposes; dining room with office space, living room with play area for children and bedroom with nursery area for their baby. If you can decide what you want from the room then you can design around the function of the room.

* Hire an interior designer
If decorating and renovating fills you with dread or you want to save yourself time and hassle consider hiring an interior designer. As Sloane and Sons Tub Chairs attest in their informative guide What you should consider when hiring an interior designer an interior designer is a skilled professional who works with clients doing all the sourcing, planning and staging to create rooms and spaces that work for them. If you are considering hiring the skills of an interior designer to help bring your dream room/s to life take a look at the detailed guide to gain insight into how to pick an interior designer thanks to tips like perusing testimonials and questioning their design ethos.

Good luck with the decorating!

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