Monday 1 October 2018

Top Ways To Update a Small En-suite

Owning a small house or flat needn’t mean compromising on life’s luxuries. Many people assume that an en-suite is a privilege only afforded to those who live in large, spacious homes but that’s simply not true. There’s very little to stop you adding a beautiful en-suite to your master bedroom or in fact to any bedroom if you don’t mind giving up a little floor space or perhaps even a cupboard.

En-suites are a great solution for larger families and particularly those with a teenager in residence. It might be that the family bathroom is no longer enough to cater to everyone and it makes sense to add an extra in the form of an en-suite. A well-designed en-suite, even a small one, will most definitely add value to the property in addition to making it more comfortable to live in.

Small can be luxurious
A small en-suite can be just as luxurious as a large one when the design is clever and careful thought is put into planning space-saving storage. Most people assume for example, that bathtubs are out of the question for small en-suites but the plethora of amazing designs put pay to that idea.

Small baths are the key here, especially when coupled with clever storage solutions. Think of the bathtub as the focal point of the room with everything else working around that central hub and you will be surprised at how much you can make of limited space. Of course, some rooms are very small and a built-in bath might be impossible. In these cases, small freestanding baths are a very stylish option, most particularly for en-suites in heritage buildings.

If your home is a beautiful Victorian property for example, then it’s very likely you will want a heritage style freestanding bathtub to ensure your en-suite fits in with the overall look and feel of the house.

Clever storage and space savers
We all need somewhere to put our lotions and potions and larger families have more of those than average! Then there’s the question of towels and grooming devices - they’ve got to go somewhere and out of sight is always preferable.

That’s why storage must go upwards in a small en-suite. Don’t think about cabinets which take up metres of floor and wall space but look out for a freestanding, corner vanity unit which will provide all you need in terms of sink space but still leave plenty of room for towel rails and of course, that all-important bath.

Keep general storage at face level; towels, beauty products and similar items are all easy to access when they’re at a moderate height and by keeping as much of your furniture and fixings off the floor, you will create an illusion of space which will contribute to a more luxurious atmosphere in general for the room.

Colour basics
Of all the most popular colours for bathrooms, white remains the most classic and easy to accessorise. White doesn’t date and so you can change your decorative details when the mood takes you, without compromising on style. White also has the advantage of creating the illusion of space and so will make your en suite appear to be larger than it might really be. A neutral colour palette consisting of white, black and grey tones will add an air of sophistication to your space. Heated towel rails will keep things cosy during the winter months.

So remember the best ways to ensure that your small en-suite doesn’t lack in style what it might lack in floor space.
* Freestanding baths
* Freestanding vanity units
* Storage installed at face height
* White gives the illusion of space

Plants and wall art
Small en-suites can look too fussy when you have an overpowering theme. Keeping it simple is the best way to make the most of the space without cluttering it up. To add subtle accents to the room, using well-placed houseplants can brighten your bathroom. Plus if you don’t have space for shelving, then these can be hung from the ceiling with stylish hanging planters. Wall art is also a popular trend in interiors and featuring a few prints in this room can add a unique touch to neutral interiors. These little touches are easily interchangeable and make affordable updates for your bathroom.  

Creating or updating a small en-suite doesn’t have to cost the earth, and with careful planning, you could have not only a beautiful en-suite but also a room which could potentially add value to your home in the long-term.

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