Wednesday 3 October 2018

Why I aspire to be like my mum

My mum and I are very close. Since I was a child we've been as thick as thieves and as I got older I came to consider her as a close friend. Even now with us living miles apart, over an hour's drive away and in two different counties, we speak everyday one way or another and regularly meet up in person at least a couple of times a month.

She is my rock. She's been there for me during the good times and the bad. There for me during all the momentous milestones of my life.

I think my mum is awesome and in many ways I aspire to be like her. If I could be half the woman she is I would be happy. Here are just a few of the reasons why I aspire to be like my mum.

Magnificent mum
My mum raised my sister and I single handedly. She did a fantastic job raising us and we had a brilliant childhood filled with wonderful experiences and magnificent memories.

I hope to have some of the same qualities she has that make her a wonderful parent. Unconditional love, kind, fun and caring. Supportive and encouraging, making us feel like we could achieve our dreams. Always thinking of us before herself.

She gave us a loving home of strong foundations whilst encouraging us to spread our wings and reach for the stars. She is where my roots and wings entwine.

My mum is a fierce independent woman. She deserves the world but does not expect it. She is confident in her own abilities and does not rely on others, not because she has no-one that loves her to help or because she hates others helping but because she knows she’s got it.

Whilst I have lots of loving friends and family who I know I can count on to help me especially when the chips are down I strive to be as independent as my mum. I know if I can be half as independent as she is I know I can deal with anything life throws at me even by myself. Developing her sense of contended independence will give me the confidence that I have the knowledge and capabilities to cope, deal and survive.

Aging gracefully
When my mum turned 50 nearly 5 years ago she took it in her stride. She threw a fantastic party to celebrate. She has embraced life after 50. She has not slowed down at all or stopped doing the things she loves, in fact quite the opposite she continues to do all the things she adores - baking, going to concerts and travelling and has also taken up new hobbies and interests - Jumpfit, hiking and a photography class. She is eating healthier than ever and is fitter and healthier than she was 10 years ago.

She does not care what others think and just does what makes her happy and feels right for her. Being in her 50s and a grandma has not stifled her style - she does not worry about how she looks in fact embraces the wrinkles and grey hairs, has trendy haircuts and dresses stylishly just as she did in her 30s and 40s. This year saw her have her first body piercing and tattoo. She is fun loving with her grandchildren, always buying them fun and silly gifts and dives straight into fun with them even riding a rollercoaster or ten with them last month during the summer holidays.

If I can age as well as she is and welcome life after 50 as well as she has done then I will be happy. I don’t want to ever feel too old to do the things I love or feel like I am an old dog that can’t learn new tricks and seeing my mum blossom after 50 gives me the confidence to live life to the full regardless of the number of candles on my birthday cake.

Daring, fun loving and brave
My mum has been through many difficult experiences in her life and has faced them with courage and bravery. Having those same qualities is important to me to showcase to my children that even though life can be hard difficulties can be overcome and life can get better.

She is also daring and fun loving. From an early age I saw my mum as a fun, creative person who was merry and playful. She would get stuck in with playing with us and created many fun experiences - dancing in the rain, building a den with us, messy creative play and sledging in the snow. As well as teaching me that fun does not cost a thing she also gave us magnificent experiences that displayed her daring nature - parasailing, kayaking and rally driving.

Fun experiences and laughing with my mum are intertwined in all of my memories of a child and I want to achieve that same sense of fun loving and confidence to try new things with my own children. She has lived life to the full, and still does, and I want to do the same. I want to have a life filled with experiences and merriness rather than thoughts of I should have done this and that.

I hope that in many years to come my children look at me and wish to have some of the same qualities and characteristics as I have just as I do with my mum. My mum is my role model and I thank her for making me the woman that I am today and for giving me the hope and passion to be like the wonderful woman she is.

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