Thursday 1 November 2018

Transforming a room on a budget

When we first moved into our current home we went all out on decorating the children’s bedroom. Apart from finding a home for our furniture and other worldly possessions the other rooms in our house got neglected.

Fast forward a few years and nothing much has changed. Busy lives and lack of money has meant we haven’t got around to decorating any of the other rooms which look rather drab, boring and uninspiring.

Recently we redecorated the children’s bedrooms - lucky boys getting their room transformed again whilst our bedroom has never been touched. We painted their room, moved around furniture, upcycled a few pieces of tired looking furniture, decluttered and added some new eye catching accessories such as modern rugs. Even though we did not do much and no radical changes such as flooring or new furniture it was amazing how the room was transformed.

Seeing how simple, cheap changes to their room transformed it so it looked completely different feeling more spacious and fresh looking has inspired me to transform other rooms in our house.

Here are a few ways to transform a room on a small budget -

Paint the walls

Generally it is cheaper to paint a room rather than wallpaper it so if you want to change the colour and style of a room painting is an easy and low cost option. If you want to make a statement with a splash of colour consider having a feature wall in one colour.

Having a new lick of paint on your walls will also cover any blemishes and grubby marks on the wall. The beauty of paint is that if you decide you want to switch up the look of your room again in the near future it can be easily painted over.

When redecorating a room in your house consider giving it a spring clean and decluttering. Getting rid of things you don’t need and use will give you more space within the room and help create a fresh look.

Out with the old will also allow you to bring in new items that you want or need. Consider selling unwanted items to make some extra money that you can put towards decorating.

Moving furniture around the room can totally transform it. It is surprising that by moving a few items of furniture can make a room feel and look bigger. Whilst reorganising a room use the opportunity to declutter as suggested above. It is also the perfect time to look at storage so you have everything in its place and tidy which helps a room look clean, fresh and new.

Change skirting boards
Many homes have skirting boards that are splattered with paint, scuffed and looking a little worse for wear. Changing your old, tired looking skirting boards to bespoke skirting boards can really transform a room so that it looks fresh, clean and stylish. The beauty of installing new skirting boards is that you can opt for a style that complements the rest of the room.

Upcycle furniture
Revamping your furniture is a low cost way to change the style of your room. It can help keep costs down when transforming a room as you don’t have to buy new furniture. The benefit of upcycling furniture is that you can create a look that is in keeping with the rest of your furniture and complements your new decor.

Breathing new life into old furniture can be as simple as changing cupboard handles, covering a piece of furniture with sticky back plastic or wallpaper, hacking a piece of furniture to give it a new purpose or painting it a different colour to fit in with your new colour scheme.

Do you have any tips for giving a room a makeover on a budget?

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