Thursday 20 December 2018

Boom25! - the chance to win your money back on purchases

Online shopping offers many positive benefits. Customers can shop around and compare prices at a click of a button. Shoppers can see detailed information on potential purchases and read reviews from their laptop or smartphone screens. People can purchase a wide and varied range of products and services from the comfort of their own homes. Consumers can hunt for deals and discounts with ease. Purchases are delivered straight to your door with options for fast delivery.

As online shopping is such a big business and used by many there are sites out there to make online shopping that little bit better. Discount sites help shoppers find the best discount codes to use on purchases. Cashback sites give a small amount of money back if you shop through their site.

Boom! There is a new site on the web that is making online shopping fun - Boom25.

Boom25 is a revolutionary website that offers shoppers who shop online with them the chance to win money back on their purchase. Those who ‘win’ cash back on their purchase gets a FULL refund.

The odds of getting a full refund through shopping with Boom25 are in your favour. As their name suggests, every 25th shopper is a winner! Boom!

There are currently 898 shops - with more added all the time - on Boom25 where you can win 100% of your cash back from if you use Boom25. The hundreds of retailers include favourite retailers such as Argos, Tesco, eBay and  

How does Boom25 work?
Using Boom25 is simple and easy. Sign up using your email or via facebook. Then simply choose from the numerous retailers and shop as you normally would. Once a purchase is approved it’s entered into a draw and all you need to do is cross your fingers that you are the lucky winner and win all of your cash back. If you are the lucky 25th customer you get your cash back by secure paypal payment.

Once signed up to Boom25 you have a personalised dashboard where you can view your shopping activity, bonuses you have and details of your winnings. Even if you aren’t the lucky 25th customer you get a bonus that goes into a pot to be paid out when you do have a win. Users can also refer an unlimited amount of friends and get £3 on each of their first approved purchase above £10.

If odds of 1 in 25 are not impressive enough. To make shopping through them even more exciting and give users a better chance of winning back their shopping cost they regularly run special promotions. For example sometimes your odds are as amazing as 1 in 10 or lower. The special promos include hot deals on selected retailers, such as the current deal of new customers of Asda Groceries getting a 1 in 15 chance of winning their cash back and existing customers receiving a £1 instead of being entered into the draw.

Even more amazing is the fact that you don’t have to spend anything with Boom25 to use the site or be eligible to claim the win. The only cost to you is the purchase you would be making online anyway which you might win back thanks to Boom25.

The Boom25 community is impressive with over 250,00 users and winnings paid out of over £817,000, with the biggest cash back win being £4,225.

The 5 star Trustpilot reviewed site makes online shopping thrilling and I love how easy it is to use. Plus the chance of winning all of your cash back from purchases you would be making anyway is amazing.

Boom25 - In you’re not in you won’t win.

Become a boomer today!!

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