Monday 18 March 2019

Bathroom remodel - advantages of hiring a professional

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The problem with many bathrooms across the country is that they are often inherited suites from previous homeowners or have not been updated in many years and starting to show their age and lack of style.
If you hate your current bathroom’s style and want to give it a new look things like giving it a fresh lick of paint, adding a new shower curtain, introducing new bathroom accessories or boosting the bathroom’s storage with shelves or a new cupboard can overhaul a bathrooms look. These simple changes are often ones you can DIY and thanks to resources such as pinterest you can find bathroom redesign inspiration to help you find the perfect colour scheme and bathroom style.

Whilst there are many ways such as those mentioned above which can breathe new life into an old bathroom, if your bathroom suite is old and outdated then perhaps a bathroom remodel is a better option. Not only does a bathroom remodel add style and increased usability but it can also add value to your home. However as renovating a bathroom can be costly with many pitfalls of things that can go wrong so that you ensure you get your dream bathroom at the end of it then it is best to leave it to the professionals.

Here we take a look at the few reasons why it is best to forget DIY and hire professionals to remodel your bathroom -

Avoid DIY disaster
The bathroom is one of the most hazardous rooms in the house with both electrical and plumbing systems to contend with. As such unless you have personal experience and detailed knowledge of plumbing and electrics if you DIY a bathroom remodel you could face disaster such as a burst pipe or hit electrics which could be a serious problem. You only have to take a quick look online to see a range of shocking DIY disasters that cost people time and money due to their lack of knowledge and experience.

If you want to make sure you don't lose your deposit on your Edinburgh rental or find yourself living out of a suitcase because of your unusable bathroom, its best to look for a professional plumber. A plumber in Edinburgh can handle all major pipework from repairs to rerouting on top of other bathroom related tasks. They won't make the same rookie mistakes you are bound to do when you DIY your model. 


Ultimately, save time and money by heading straight to the experts. By hiring professionals who are experienced in bathroom remodeling, you can change the layout of a bathroom suite without any complications. Work with local plumbers and electricians who have vast experience can help you avoid DIY disaster.

Save money
Whilst you may think you’ll save money from doing renovations yourself as DIYers who lack experience and correct skills can cause more damage than good it could end up costing you more in the end. Fixing mistakes caused by DIY disasters especially mistakes related to plumbing or electrics can be costly.

By hiring professional contractors who know what they are doing and experienced in their field you will avoid costly mistakes.

Also as the professionals you hire will have provided you with a quote they will be working within a budget. Whereas if you are doing the work yourself it can be difficult to ensure that you don’t go over budget as it is easy to let costs spiral out of control.

Save time
Even with the best of intentions often DIY home renovation projects take a lot of time and effort, commonly taking longer to complete than expected. This can be due to lack of skill, problems arising and daily life getting in the way.

Hiring professionals that have agreed to complete the project within a set time frame will save you time and hassle so you can get on with other commitments. Plus it will help ensure the bathroom remodel causes the least amount of disruption to your life.

Quality materials
As professionals are experienced in their industry and have an established network of suppliers they can provide the best quality materials for the job. They can provide quotes for different materials so that you can decide what suits your wants and budget. They also know the correct way to install materials.

Plus as they are experienced in working with the various materials they are able to complete the project without wasting materials whereas if you do the work yourself and have problems you may end up having to use more materials than needed fixing issues.

Being experts in their field they are experienced and skilled. Not only is their experience invaluable for bringing your bathroom remodel dream to life by correctly and skillfully installing materials which save you time and money but they are also experienced in offering advice on design conception so that you know what will work for your space, needs and budget. As well as the years of training and experience professionals can bring to the table they also clued up on building code knowledge.

When completing a major remodel such as bathroom the need for different professionals such as builders, electricians and plumbers is often required. When you hire a professional experienced in remodelling bathrooms they can often work with other reliable and experienced professionals who can complete skilled tasks such as plumbing or rewiring.

Another bonus of hiring a professional is that they are certified. You can also be assured that if something goes wrong there will be insurance cover to claim against. Many professionals also offer a guarantee which can provide reassurance that a quality job will be done on your bathroom remodel.

If you are considering a bathroom remodel for peace of mind and a quality remodel it is best to hire a professional. As well as hiring a professional, for a successful bathroom remodel take time to look at different bathroom styles to find the perfect one for you and your bathroom space. Get stylish and fresh bathroom ideas at Harrogate Bathrooms.

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