Thursday 7 March 2019

How to get your family through Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

Taking a family of four traveling is like trying to herd sheep. But imagine if these sheep got antsy at the slightest provocation or upset. Now imagine they were four year olds who refused to be herded because they wanted to go home and play Fortnite. NOW imagine that your wife sheep forgot everyone’s passports and you had to drive ALL THE WAY HOME, a 40-minute drive that made you 30 MINUTES LATE for your flight…

Sorry everyone, the writer of this article is just getting a few things off his chest.

Let’s ditch the sheep metaphor, because sheep are actually much easier to herd onto a plane than your family. Don’t deny it. You know it’s true.

But you’re going to have to take your kids to the airport sometime, so you’d better be prepared for the worst.

To help you in this heroic battle, we’ve put together this tips guide, and we’ve centered it on Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport simply because we know a little about that location. Don’t worry, though, these tips could apply to any airport.

Now, on with the tips!

Park at the terminal
That’s right, park your car right up at that enticing looking terminal. ‘BUT HOW, YOU FOOL? NO ONE CAN PARK AT THE TERMINAL!’ You’ve got it all wrong – if you’re willing to shell out for a private parking provider, you’ll receive valet service at the airport.

Companies like will offer you this VIP valet treatment for a princely sum. Our tip – remember to book early if you want a marginally cheaper price.

Bring a Switch
Your kids love Fortnite, much like every other kid on the planet. And quite right, too. It’s a fantastic game, as enjoyable and imaginative as it is feverishly addictive.

The only drawback to your children loving Fortnite is that they don’t stop going on about it. They eat, sleep and breathe that cartoon shooter, and they’ll be pretty peeved if they can’t play it in the airport.
The solution? Buy a Nintendo Switch for less than $300 and download Fortnite. This nifty console is entirely portable, meaning your kids won’t have to lose a minute in their favorite virtual world.

Grab a bite
Your little ‘uns are going to be pretty hungry waiting for a flight. And with hunger comes anger. And with anger comes a journey that’s more hair-pullingly stressful than you ever bargained for.

Thank your lucky stars, then, that Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport is awash with more family-oriented eateries than you can shake a starving stick at.

California Pizza Kitchen, Starbuck’s, McDonald’s, TGI Fridays, Subway – these are only a few of the reliable chains you’ll find at each terminal, alongside a number of independent restaurants that are as delectable as they are convenient.

That’s our list! How do you prepare for a family trip to the airport? Let us know in the comments below!

Post written by Robbie Handy

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