Friday 19 April 2019

Teamsterz Micro Motorz by HTI Toys - review


Both of our boys love cars and are always eager to get new toy cars to play with even though they have a box overflowing with a huge variety of vehicles. They also have an avid fascination and love of blind bags. So when I heard about an exciting new blind bag with toy cars I knew the boys would love to open up them up to see what car surprises were hidden inside.

Teamsterz Micro Motorz created by HTI Toys are a brand new vehicle themed blind bag collectible series.

Each set from series 1 contains six surprises for ultimate racing fun. The six surprises include -
* Sticker
* Vehicle
* Interchangeable vehicle part - spoiler, air scoop or engine
* Tool
* Display capsule
* Launcher pad

Satisfying children’s desire for exciting and surprising blind bag fun the type of sticker, interchangeable vehicle part, tool and vehicle will vary. Also included in the set is a leaflet detailing the different vehicles available to collect and instructions on how to use the launcher.

In this first series of Micro Motorz there are 20+ vehicles available to collect with 9 popular designs, 9 rare cars and 3 ultra rare vehicles. Adding a touch of fun and variety the collection of super vehicles come in 4 teams -
* Speed Demonz
* Nitro Chargerz
* Hot Rodz
* Monster Treadz

Excited to see what vehicle they would get the boys opened the outer foil wrapper which revealed a plastic container made up of three separate pods. 

Amping up the vehicle theme the pods were adorned with racing stripes and a colourful countdown….. 3, 2, 1...GO!

Snapping open the different pods revealed the surprises inside including what vehicle they were lucky to get. Inside some of the pods were more blind bags which needed opening to find out what interchangeable car part or tool was in the set.

The boys loved looking at the leaflet to find out what vehicle they had received and were excited to see that all vehicles have their own racer name. In the packages the boys opened they found 3 Speed Demonz - Flash, Ice and Sub Zero, and 1 Hot Rodz - Boomer. Much to their delight 2 of the vehicles were rare ones. 

Living up to their name Micro Motorz, the vehicles are dinky in size. All of the vehicles are well made and feel durable for lots of fun play. Making them ready for the racing track they feature awesome paint jobs. So they are race track ready the Speed Demonz are emblazoned with their racing numbers and feature colourful racing stripes. Living up to the style of hot rod cars the Micro Motorz Hot Rodz are modified vehicles that feature interchangeable engines or air scoops and are designed with a unique sense of style and outlandish paintwork.

Looking at the leaflet of other series 1 vehicles the Nitro Chargerz are designed in the style of drag racing cars that would not look out of place on the set of a Fast and Furious film. The ultra rare Monster Treadz are rugged, colourful monster trucks perfect for crushing cars and racing up ramps.

All of the vehicles have a ball bearing underneath which is designed to help them race off as well as spin and drift. Thanks to the ball bearing the cars do not ‘sit’ flat on a normal surface and we found they were a little slower moving when launched on our carpeted floor. But when launched or raced along a smooth table or our relatives laminate flooring they zoom off!

The boys love the fact that they can modify the vehicles thanks to the interchangeable car parts. It is easy to change the car parts and customising the vehicles provides a fun element to car play.

The display capsules are fantastic for safely storing and showcasing the Micro Motorz. The sturdy boxes can be stacked securely together to make storing easier.

The handy display capsules double up to also be the launcher. Using the launcher parts you can turn the display capsule into a launcher to give your vehicle a big boost to start their race.

Whilst the leaflet comes with instructions on how to set up the launcher I honestly found them very confusing and the putting the launcher together was fiddly. After a few frustrating attempts with the kids eager to use the launcher I ended up watching a video on YouTube. Once I understood what was needed and set up all of the launchers the process was quick and easy. 

To assemble the launcher you need to -
* Remove the vehicle and base plate from the capsule. Take off the blue part underneath the capsule
* Remove the launcher pad from the back of the capsule. Turn it around and reinsert it into the capsule
* Reattach the small blue part to the bottom of the capsule and attach the elastic band provided around it and the base of the capsule attaching the elastic band around both hooks

* Fit the blue base plate to the bottom of the capsule with the arrow pointing towards the capsule’s door

* Push the launch pad located inside of the capsule to the rear until it clicks into place
* Place a vehicle inside of the capsule up against the launch pad
* Press the button at the back of the launcher and watch your vehicle zoom off with impressive speed!

* Repeat the last three steps again and again to relaunch your vehicles…..who will win the race or how fast and far can your vehicle go?

Both boys loved the excitement and element of surprise the Micro Motorz provide. They adore the fact that they are blind bags with a vehicle theme and are keen to get their hands on more packs and build up their collection as well as see if they can bag an ultra rare Monster Treadz.

My only criticisms are that the instructions for the launcher are not very clear or easy to understand and that the packaging is a little excessive. Whilst I understand that having additional bags inside the plastic pods adds a touch more blind bag excitement I question the need of having them as the contents is hidden inside the pods to begin with. Personally as the blind bag is designed with the 3 separate pods I think having the contents loose inside of the pods rather than in plastic bags would be better.

As these Teamsterz Micro Motorz packets combine the excitement of blind bags, the racing fun of play with cars along with a unique, fun launcher, customisable vehicles thanks to interchangeable accessories plus a useful storage capsule you get great value for money. With an RRP of £4.99 I think they are well priced.

Perfect for little racing fans aged 3+ the Micro Motorz are racing their way to shelves at Morrisons and other good toy retailers.

To find out more about the range of HTI toys check out their website, the Teamsterz Toys facebook page and @HTIToys on Twitter.

* Disclaimer: We were sent these items complimentary for the purpose of writing an honest review of the product. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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