Wednesday 22 May 2019

Five gifts for her that are sure to delight

Whether you’re celebrating a friend, mum, or yourself, I’ve compiled a list of five gifts for her that are sure to delight.

1) Jewelry: What lady doesn’t love to receive jewelry? Whether it’s a ring, earrings, bracelet, or a charming necklace, many delights are sure to be found in beautiful jewelry.

2) Stationary: Even in this fast-paced world full of technology and social media, jotting a quick note to a friend or loved one still bring delight. How lovely to get a hand-written card in the mail from a friend who took the time to write you to let you know she cares.

3) Inflatables: This is kind of a quirky gift idea, but what person wouldn’t love a giant avocado or unicorn to lounge on in the swimming pool? Gifts are especially delightful when someone buys you something that you wouldn’t spend the money on for yourself. Something to lounge on in the pool is perfect for summertime.

4) Headphones: Head phones can be used in every area of someone’s life. Taking public transport? Head phones can be a discreet way to block out the noise of traffic or the hum of people. Taking a flight? Headphones can provide a discreet way to block out the noise of a disgruntled passenger. Exercising? Headphones provide an easy way to play the music that will motivate your run. Head phones are a practical, versatile gift that she’s sure to enjoy.

5) Bluetooth Keyfinder Tracker: This handy keychain connects to your phone’s Bluetooth capabilities and will allow you to find your keys quickly and easily. The prospect of never losing your keys again is enough to bring a smile of delight to anyone’s face! This gift will make you the hero of someone’s morning routine.

Let me know what you think! Which of these gifts would you most love to receive?

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