Monday 3 June 2019

Walkers search for the Spice Girls' #BestEverFan


90s girl power is back with a zig-a-zig ah!

The Spice Girls are spicing up our lives once more on their reunion tour. As Geri, Emma, Mel C and Mel B, AKA Ginger Spice, Baby Spice, Sporty Spice and Scary Spice dazzle on stage during their Spice World 2019 UK and Ireland tour singing sing their hit songs, 90s nostalgia and girl power has filled the nation.

My social media feeds are filled with friends excitedly sharing updates and photos of them being Saturday night divas at Spice World shows. As well as empowering the notion of girl power the shows have also brought friends and fans together and showcased that you’re never too old and it’s never too late to spice up your life! Viva forever!

Even friends who have not been lucky to say they’ll be there at the live shows have been caught up in the spicetastic frenzy. The shows have sparked fond memories of seeing the era defining girl group live back in the day. As we've let our love of the Spice Girls lead the way, iconic song lyrics have slipped effortlessly out of our mouths. And enthusiastic discussions about our favourite Spice Girls and best song have been had.

We've also laughed remembering recreating the styles of the Spice Girls and wearing iconic Buffalo trainers like our idols. We were Spice Girls Wannabes. Sportswear to be like Sporty Spice, animal print for Scary Spice, cute and girly clothes to be like Baby Spice, sophisticated little black dresses and stylish sunglasses to recreate the style of Posh Spice and playful, bold clothes with feminist messages or union jack prints to be like Ginger Spice.

As if we have wound the clock back and returned to the 90s not only are the Spice Girls not giving up the good times by singing on the stage once more but they have also teamed up with Walkers again.

It's hard to believe that it has been 22 years since they last worked with Walkers adorning crisp packets and  featuring in a TV ad with Gary Lineker who wasn't being Mr Spice Guy as took the crisps that he really, really wanted. As a nostalgic throwback to the 90s Walkers and the Spice Girls have a new TV advert that looks to find the iconic girl group's best ever fan.

If you missed the new ad premiering last night during the Britain's Got Talent ad break, fear not as you can watch it here -

As Dev - played by Guz Khan - wouldn't share his tasty Walkers crisps with the Spice Girls the amazing VIP prize is still up for grabs and thanks to Walkers one lucky fan will be crowned the Spice Girls' #BestEverFan and meet their idols in person.

For more information visit, @Walkers_Crisps, Walkers on Facebook or check out the hashtag #BestEverFan on social media.

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