Wednesday 10 July 2019

Race with Ryan speeds to consoles this November!

Take the wheel and 'Race with Ryan' in the first ever console game from worldwide kids' phenomenon 'Ryan's World'

Outright Games™ and Pocket.Watch™ invite kids to play as Ryan and his friends this November on Playstation® 4, Nintendo Switch, XBOX One and PC.

Worldwide family entertainment publisher Outright Games™ and digital first kids entertainment studio™, under its P.W. Games™ division, have announced that ‘Race With Ryan’™ the first ever console game to be released as part of the global kids’ entertainment phenomenon ‘Ryan’s World’™, will release November 1st on PlayStation® 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC.

Ryan’s World has come to life with Race with Ryan, and it’s every bit as colourful, fun and fast as you imagine. Race against family and friends in up to 4-player-split-screen mode as all the beloved characters from Ryan’s World created by Ryan and his family including Ryan, Combo Panda™, Gus the Gummy Gator™, Red Titan™, Mo™, Peck™, Alpha Lexa™ & Gil™.

This is no ordinary Championship! Step on the gas and collect Ryan's famous Mystery Eggs full of surprises such as Sticky Ooze, Burger Shields and much more to help you power up and show who the fastest racer really is.

Designed to be family-friendly and lots of fun here are a few highlights of this exciting new game.
* Race for victory across the colourful world of YouTube sensation, Ryan
* Challenge yourself in Career mode or race with friends in split-screen play
* Speed around 6 magical locations including The Toy Shop, Fantasy Park, Wild West and Spooky Land. Each world is full of secret pathways, slippery slides and kids’ imagination
* Simple racing controls, auto-acceleration, auto-steering and a helpful tutorial means drivers of all games, even younger players, will love to play and Race with Ryan
* Unlock more than 20 Ryan’s World toy characters and vehicles including Moe™, Gus the Gummy Gator™, Alpha Lexa™, Peck™ and Ryan himself!

At seven years old, Ryan is the most popular kid in the world…ever. As a top creator on YouTube, his channels receive 1 billion views per month, and have amassed over 27 million subscribers. His Ryan’s World universe spans everything from toys to toothbrushes. Expanding Ryan’s World into console games is yet another way and Ryan’s family fulfil the mission to bring kids more of what they love.

We are so excited about launching Race with Ryan. The game is fun and fast and we believe kids all over the world will love playing it”, says Ryan’s father, Shion, who is credited with creating the characters seen in the game and throughout Ryan’s World.

"For young fans of Ryan’s World, ‘Race With Ryan’ will give them an immersive, rewarding and fun experience with their favourite Ryan characters" said Terry Malham, CEO of Outright Games. "Race with Ryan is a big new step for both the Ryan brand and us a company, working with one of the biggest YouTube superstars and their studio partner to create a full-fledged console game is something new and wholly exciting."

So pick a racer, head to one of six magical locations, and step on the gasto show your friends and family who the fastest racer really is. ‘Race With Ryan’ will release this November 1st on PlayStation® 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PC. Jump into the driver’s seat at and find out more about Race With Ryan here.


  1. This looks like a fun game for kids - Jack would certainly enjoy it!

  2. I can see a lot of kids having fun with this game! Love that it is available on all the different main consoles too.

  3. I just recently watched my nephew play a game on his ipad and i think it had Ryan. This game sounds like one my youngest would enjoy.

  4. I always loved playing video games as a child. This one sounds really fun!

  5. This looks like a really fun game for little ones. Bet my son would enjoy it.

  6. OMG, Sebby will adore this game

  7. We got a Nintendo Switch at Christmas and have been slowly adding new games, this one looks so much fun

  8. We got a Nintendo Switch at Christmas and have been slowly adding new games, this one looks so much fun.

  9. Looks like a fun game, the Mario Kart format of racing is really fun to play as well. The characters remind me of Overcooked!

  10. This looks like such a fan game for younger kids. My stepchildren would really enjoy it!

  11. This looks great - going to give it a try with the twins.