Sunday 18 August 2019

Welcome to the world of tori™

Dive into the magical world of tori™ 
and discover creative and imaginative experiences

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment have revealed  tori™, a creative and imaginative ecosystem, which allows families with children from 6 to 12 and beyond to enjoy interactive play while encouraging individual creativity, collaboration and critical thinking.

Supercharge play
Playing with tori™ introduces children to a world of supercharged play. Discover its breakthrough Mirror Play™ technology, which is the perfect combination of augmented interaction technology powered by ISKN and cutting edge technologies, and dive into extraordinary experiences. Thanks to this unique technology children's toys and creations will come alive magically and reflect their every more instantly in the apps! Supercharged play with no limits to imagination.

Imagine your own tori™ world
There are no more limits to your imagination. Create your own world and make your Spacecraft to enjoy a completely different adventure!

* Creative Time
Use the 40 page Creative Book to customize the game universes
* DIY Moment
Make your own Spacecrafts with the 4 DIY cardboards included and play with your new creations in the Crystal Chase game

* Shades of light
Challenge the mind in this perspective Puzzle game
* Supreme Builder
Imagine, build and create a whole New World
* Jungle Rescue
Be smart and sharp to save Mother Nature
* Crystal Chase
Dexterity and reflexes are key to defeating the Space Pirates

Enhance and nurture self development skills
Using the tori™ Dashboard parents can monitor children's game progress and see the types of skills they are practising and developing. Enjoy and reward their creations and development of skills. Parents can also get involved in their children's adventures and challenge them to help enhance and nurture their self development skills.

tori™ Explorer kits are currently available to pre-order (RRP £149). The kits include -
* 1 tori™ board
* 3 tori™ toys (tori™ Catapult, tori™ Wand, tori™ Spacecraft)
* 1 Power Bar
* 1 Creative kit (4 DIY Spacecrafts, a Creative Book & DIY Stand)
* 4 Games
* 1 tori™ Dashboard App
* Stickers
* Masking Tapes

By using their tori™ Wand, tori™ Catapult and tori™ Spacecraft over the tori™ board, children can break down the barriers between their imagination and reality to open a world full of fun and creativity.

We’ve always imagined our augmented interaction technology as a user-friendly means to spark creativity and emotion. Collaborating with BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment was the opportunity to bring fun, magic and imagination to everyone” noted Timothée Jobert, ISKN co-founder & CXO

Thanks to the tori™ Explorer pack, children can express their personality by crafting and customising both digital elements and the toys for real through its creative kit and find them back in their own world. This creative journey allows a balanced experience between on and off-screen activities, as imagined with experts in children’s learning and development.

We believe in creative, playful and active methods that develop activities where problem solving, creativity and concentration are at heart. In such regard, tori™ allows kids to have fun and express their personality through creative and interactive experiences with a perfect balance between on and off-screen time.” commented Herve Hoerdt, SVP of Marketing, Digital & Content at BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe.

The tori™ Explorer Pack will be released on 2nd October 2019 and is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Starting with five apps available on the App Store and Google Play™ Store at release, the tori ecosystem will be enriched with new apps & toys over time.

For more information regarding tori™ please visit:, or follow them on their toricrafty Facebook page and their toricrafty Instagram.

* We have not received anything for sharing this news. It has been shared as we like to support and promote gaming products that are family friendly and enrich children's learning *


  1. I have to admit I've not heard of tori before! But this sounds like such a fun way for kids to play and learn.

  2. This sounds really interesting and something I'm sure my kids would love to try out.

  3. Educational games like this are so good as I'm sure kids can learn so much fun it. It's nice that parents can see their kids progress and skills learnt as well x

  4. I have not heard of this before but I do love toys with a STEM element and this looks fab

  5. I've not come across this one before, but looks like something my eight year old would enjoy. It's great to see a game that offers learning through play

  6. Oh wow what a fab bit of tech kit for sure. Love this and ideal for kids to learn and play xx

  7. How awesome this can be for the children. It'll not just be a fun experience but a lot of learning too.

  8. This looks like a really good bit of tech, my boys would certainly enjoy using it and I would be happy with that because it inspires them to be creative!