Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Gioteck Fortnite-inspired controllers launch news


Arctic camo and purple VX-4 and WX-4 controller variants for PlayStation 4™ and Nintendo Switch® due Jan 2020 

Renowned gaming accessories brand Gioteck proudly announce three new controller colourways launching January 2020, designed for gamers needing a second controller for Fortnite’s long awaited split-screen player mode. 

The two new VX-4 PlayStation 4™ models include a cool artic-camo white wired controller and a wireless Fortnite inspired purple colourway.

The WX-4 Nintendo Switch® artic-camo version, launching in anticipation of future split screen functionality, is available in a wireless format. 

The all-new WX-4 and VX-4 ranges give casual and hardcore gamers real choice: professional standard product, and the chance to game in comfort for hours – all at an incredible, affordable price. Built for a demanding new generation of gamers, the controllers blend traditional layout and ergonomic comfort, with premium quality and vibrant designs. 

The VX-4 and WX-4 controllers will be available for just £19.99 wired, and £29.99 wireless.  

About the current Gioteck VX-4 range 
The VX-4 premium wired and wireless pro PS4 controllers offers superb comfort during marathon gaming sessions. Quick-fire triggers, precision D-Pad and anti-slip rubber thumb sticks deliver lightning fast performance. With motion compatibility and a 3.5mm Audio port for headset compatibility on selected versions, the VX-4 is currently available in 4 vibrant colours and makes for next-level immersive gaming experience. 

VX-4 premium wired and wireless controllers for PlayStation 4™ feature: 
Motion and vibration compatibility 
* Traditional PlayStation layout 
* Quick fire triggers 
* Precision D-Pad 
* Anti-slip rubber thumb sticks 
* Wired version features 3.5mm Audio port for headset compatibility available exclusively from GAME in black, silver, red and blue 
* Wired version without audio port available in red, black, blue and silver 
* Wireless version with audio port available in black 

About the current Gioteck WX-4 range 
Go pro, and swap your Joy-Con™ for the traditional layout of the WX-4 Switch® pro controller. Available in 4 colours, in both wired and wireless variants and built with premium materials and design, WX-4 delivers superb comfort during marathon gaming sessions. With LEDs for power and player number, plus motion and vibration support, the WX-4 delivers the ultimate next-level immersive gaming experience. 

WX-4 premium wired and wireless controllers for Nintendo Switch® feature: 
* Traditional button layout 
* LEDs for power and player number  
* Motion and vibration support (wireless edition only) 
* Ergonomic design 
* Wireless version, available in black 
* Wired version available in red, blue and silver 

Arctic camo and purple VX-4 and WX-4 controller variants for PlayStation 4™ and Nintendo Switch® will be available to purchase January 2020.

* Nothing has been received for sharing this news. We are simply sharing as we are avid gamers and personally buy Gioteck products, plus our eldest son is a fan of Fortnite * 


  1. Wow these look amazing, it's been so long since I play any games on consoles I feel like I am missing out on so much!

  2. I love the purple ones, although I reckon the camouflage print will be really popular too! Bet these will be on a few Christmas lists.

  3. That looks quite amazing and as a gamer myself, those would be great to have. I like the color selection though that black and camouflage ones are my favorite.

  4. I don't know much about gaming but our teen is a Fortnite fan so I will definitely be making more of an effort to be informed. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I don't much about gaming, my children aren't into it thankfully. I bet a gamer would love them!

  6. Ah fab, our controller has just broken and my son wants a new one for Xmas, so perfect timing

  7. My son loves playing Fortnite, I can imagine he would love one of the new controllers!

  8. What blogger template you are using pls?

  9. I'm definitely saving this post to revisit over the coming weeks! Thank you for sharing!