Sunday 19 January 2020

Say NO to single use straws with reusable stainless steel straws from YesIWANTIt

Single use plastic straws suck! 

To do our bit in the war against single use plastic and abide by the ban on plastic straws which will come into force in April 2020 we have switched to reusable drinking straws.

To be kind to the planet whilst also being able to sip our favourite drinks we are enjoying these lovely Stainless Steel Straws - Tones (RRP £4.99) design from YesIWANTIt.

Described as being ‘sleek, chic and on eco fleek’ and ‘the hottest new trend around’ these cleverly designed stainless steel straws are the perfect solution for saying NO to plastic straws.

The eco-friendly straws come as a set of 4 and each pack includes a handy cleaning brush to keep them sparkling clean and ready to reuse again and again. 

The straws are shaped for easy drinking and the long length straws look great in drinking glasses.

The high quality stylish straws are designed in an array of gorgeous colours - Pink & blue two-toned, Stainless Steel, Rose Gold and Gold.

We love these reusable stainless steel straws as not only are they practical, high quality and lovely colours but they are helping us do our bit for the planet.

Make the swap to YesIWANTIt’s set of reusable Stainless Steel Straws Tones design and help save our planet in style!

* We were provided this set of reusable straws for free in return for this post *


  1. We've been using paper straws which I am not a fan of, they go soggy and I am reluctant to buy glass one's.
    These look fab and I love that you get a cleaning brush with them. x

  2. I'm using steel straws as well and I think everyone should. Plastic straws should just get forbidden because it's just unnecessary when there are better alternatives

  3. We very rarely use straws at home or even when we are out and about. I can't see why people can't just drink from the cup they are given.

  4. These look great, we love straws but really dislike the paper ones. The paper ones go soggy too fast, so we've been slowly cutting straws out. But might have to give these a go.

  5. These look fab, I love the rainbow effect colour on them too! We have given up using straws all together but when I have an alcoholic drink I like a straw so will definitely get myself some of these for those moment. I love that they come with a handy cleaning tool too!

  6. We've started using reusable straws too. These look great, I love the colours and the cleaning tool is handy too.

  7. This look great, we have tried paper straws but they go horribe too quickly, so stainless steel sounds the way to go

  8. These are such a great idea, I love that they come with a cleaning brush. That's so handy!