Friday 27 March 2020

Gigantosaurus: The Game review

Roarsome adventure awaits dino lovers with 
Gigantosaurus: The Game

Fans of the hit Disney animated series Gigantosaurus can enter the colourful, dino-tastic world of Gigantosaurus with this brand new game available from today on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4.

Following the exciting news of the game back at the beginning of the year my little gamer dino fans have eagerly awaited the day that they could dive into the world of Gigantosaurus. Much to their delight they have been immersed in the wonderfully vibrant world of Gigantosaurus for the past fortnight where they have had lots of fun exploring the lands and have lots of roarsome adventures.

Gigantosaurus: The Game is a vivid part saving the world, part rally racing extravaganza where up to 4 players can explore the vast prehistoric world, experience gigantic adventures, complete missions and race on primitive tracks.

The game begins in the beautiful Savannah where players are tasked with a gigantic quest to help Giganto and escape extinction.

“Behold the Savannah! Home to dinos of all kinds. It’s a wondrous place - nice and safe….though dangers can arise.”

The game begins with Cror and Totor, a pair of sneaky velociraptors stealing an egg which our dino friends - Bill, Rocky, Tiny and Mazu rescue to give to their friend Hegan to safely take away.

But then more danger comes! A meteor plummets from the sky and blocks the volcano!

Play as the quirky dino characters to save the day and make the world of Gigantosaurus safe again.

Gamers can choose to play as timid Bill, courageous Rocky, playful Tiny or inquisitive Mazu to embark on this exciting, prehistoric quest.

As players explore the beautiful world and complete missions they can easily switch between the dino buddies at a touch of a button. In fact the ability to swiftly switch between characters comes in handy as each character has their own unique skills and abilities that need to be utilised to complete tricky missions.

There is so much to do in the prehistoric lands to entertain and delight dino fans. 

The colourful dino characters need to collect dino eggs which are scattered across the lands and return them safely to the egg nests.

As well as collecting dino eggs players can collect seeds along the way which can be used to buy trees to plant.

The seeds can also be used to buy statues such as the Giganto’s Bone statue.

There are also collectable acorns sprinkled across the land along with collectable books which make up the Gigantopedia.

Once all the eggs have been rescued in an area the dino friends can take part in a super rally race to dino-dash to the next land to find more eggs and more as they strive to save the world!

Each dino has his own prehistoric vehicle to race with and the tracks feature collectables, boosts and obstacles. Once a track such as ‘Race to the jungle’ has been raced on players can choose to race again without needing to go into the main story game.

After a new land has been unlocked players can choose to travel between lands from the map where they can also see game progress and how many collectables have been found.

So that dino fans of all ages can play the game players can choose to play in easy or regular mode.

The game also features helpful tips and prompts to help little gamers navigate the vast world of Gigantosaurus.

The controls are easy to use both in adventure mode and race mode. My middle child at 4 has had no trouble navigating the game and has found exploring the land and interacting with the game and characters plus completing missions a breeze. 

I love the design of the game, it is vibrant and set in beautiful prehistoric lands. Whilst the graphics may not be crisp and crystal clear they are fun and appealing to kids. The kids also like the look of the lands with the colorful, vast and eclectic lands being interesting to explore and great to look at.

The boys love the fact that the game offers cooperative play and have had lots of fun playing together. When playing together if another player strays too far in front the game automatically pops you in a bubble to the other player. This handy feature can also be utilised by the player if you want to join your teammate quickly. The boys ‘abuse’ this fun feature as they find it hilarious to pop in a bubble onto each other’s head!

They also love that the game has fun interactive objects such as a ball that the characters can pick up to shoot some hoops, logs to roll around on, flowers that make you fly in the air for a short time, flowers that you can bounce on, spring shoes to make you bounce high and leaf boats you can sail around in. Cleverly the game ensures there are plenty of boats, logs and flying flowers for all players as it spawns in the right number of interactive objects per player.

The boys have had lots of fun exploring these fun features so much so that I’ve often found them in fits of giggles as they go rolling around the land on logs!

They like playing as all of the different characters and love that you can switch between characters. It is also great that you need to utilise different characters to solve problems showcasing that different skills can be helpful for solving problems and how working as a team is important. I also like the fact that the game shows characters with different abilities and personalities to teach children how we are all different.

The game is lots of fun for children (us adults in the house have also had fun playing the game with the kids) and it is perfect for fans of Gigantosaurus and dino-mad kids.

The boys have loved being immersed in the vibrant world of Gigantosaurus and are having lots of fun as they experience roarsome adventures in the quest to save the day.

To keep gamers busy and entertained the game offers 6 lands, including the jungle, a lava ridden land and a snowy landscape, to explore and 5 tracks to race on. With so much to offer in this 3D world; from different characters to play as, puzzles to solve, collectables to find, platforming areas to navigate across, secret areas, interactive elements to play with, eggs to rescue, tracks to race and a mission to save the day, this vast game is jam-packed with lots of dino-tastic joy!

Will you be the most fearsome adventurer or the fastest Racer? Can you help the dino friends save Gigantosaurus?!

The world of Gigantosaurus has been brought to life in game form by renowned global video games publisher BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe, leading animation entertainment company Cyber Group Studios and worldwide publisher of family-friendly interactive entertainment Outright Games.

Gigantosaurus: The Game will launch on March 27th 2020 on Playstation® 4, Nintendo Switch™, Xbox One and PC Digital.

* We were kindly gifted a code for this game for free in return for this review. All opinions are our own *


  1. This looks like such a fun game for kids to play. Even I like the looks of it and may have to play it too if we bought it.

  2. I think I would've enjoyed playing this game when I was younger; sounds like my kind of thing! I always loved playing on my Sega and Playstation x

  3. My kids loves watching this show and I am sure they are going to love playing this game too.

  4. I LOVE dinosaurs so this game is right up my street. The graphics look so cute, and it's amazing that it's available across so many platforms too! xo

    Makeup Muddle

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  6. My children would have loved this game when they were a little younger! I love the eye-catching graphics

  7. My son loves playing games on a Saturday and we have been looking for new games to add to his collection. Gigantosaurus sounds like something he might enjoy playing with.

  8. This game looks like so much fun and I think my youngest would absolutely love it as he is dinosaur mad. Laura | Tales of a Natural Spoonie (the kids have hijacked my email for their new blog) x

  9. Sebby has been playing this, but is finding it a little too easy. I think he plays with his older siblings too much LOL

  10. Great review! my son has this and has been playing it, he really loves these type of games, he hasnt actually watched the series yet but he and his younger sister will no doubt want to have a look at it.