Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Moving home top tips

Many people find moving homes to be a stressful experience. Even those of us who are old hands at packing up our possessions and moving house can find it to be a difficult time. 

Stress levels associated with moving house are exacerbated by the fact that most of us have to juggle dealing with daily life whilst also preparing for the big move. It can be time consuming and emotional to pack your worldly possessions away and say goodbye to the home you knew to start life in a new home.

Not only can moving house be a time consuming and emotional experience but it can also be a logistical nightmare and a costly experience.

The stress of moving is bad enough when moving as a single person or couple, add kids to the situation and moving house can be a lot more stressful. Kids come with a lot of baggage! Toys, toys and yet more toys! 

Plus little helpers who can find the major milestone of moving house to be a whirlwind of emotions, can add a new set of challenges to the task of moving house being more of a hindrance than help. Have you ever tried to pack away a child’s belongings? They suddenly find a new found love for things they’ve not played with in months and unpack boxes as quickly as you pack them!

As we are planning on moving in the near future (with 3 kids this house is getting way too small for us) once lockdown is done I’ve been thinking of ways to minimise the stress that moving house with kids can evoke. Here are a few tips for moving house to make the process a little bit easier -

So that we can start afresh and with a clean slate in our new home we will be decluttering before the big move. We will be donating to charity, recycling or selling those long forgotten, unused and broken possessions that have inevitably ended up dust covered in a cupboard or box for way too long.

What is the point of going to the time of packing and moving things we don’t really need or use?! That’s just more boxes to move. More boxes to move means it will take longer to move house and a lot more boxes to unpack the other end. Plus we won’t have the boring task of having to find a home for things we don’t want instead we can enjoy a decluttered start in our new space.

To help make the move a stress free, organised one we will be packing possessions long before we move. Non essential items that we don’t use on a daily basis such as books and ornaments will be boxed away tidily whilst we are decluttering. We will also dismantle any furniture we can.

By packing a little bit often on a daily basis there will not have to be the big last minute panic of slinging everything into boxes and bags within days of the big move day.

Plus by being organised and packing beforehand we will have the time to label boxes which will help when it comes to unpacking in  the new home. We will also ensure that we label both the top and side of the box so we can see what the box contains or what room it belongs to even when stacking boxes.

Removal help
Whilst it is always helpful to have friends and family pitch in and help when moving house help is not always guaranteed when you need it and it can be a chaotic experience.

To make the move less stressful especially when moving with kids we have decided it is a wise decision to get professional removal help. To get the professional removal help we need whilst keeping moving costs down we will hire a cheap man and a van. The beauty of the getting a man with a van is that they are experienced in packing boxes and furniture into the van in an organised way to make the most of the van for less trips between houses, have trolleys to move boxes and heavy items with ease and lessen the physical load saving you time and physical stress when moving everything you own from A to B.

Kid kit
If the kids have to be around on moving day we will create a kid kit with colouring in sheets, books and favourite toys that they can play with whilst the adults are busy. 

Older children could be given the important task of having a clipboard with a moving day checklist and ensuring the boxes go to the right room in the new home. This will help them feel involved in the process.

Before moving we will also get the kids involved in packing their belongings and giving them a special box to pack with their favourite things so they have things they love in a box ready for the first night in a new home which will help them settle in.

Moving day survival kit
To keep the moving team energised and the kids happy we will ensure we have a moving day survival kit that has snacks and drinks for all. A box with the kettle and a few mugs is also a must. 

We will also have an overnight bag packed and a box with tech such as tablets and chargers along with home comforts such as blankets and favourite teddy to make sure the first night is a happy, stress free and loving one.

Do you have any words of wisdom for a happy, stress free house move?

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