Sunday 19 July 2020

Summer fun with Wicked toys!

The summer holidays are a time of entertaining the kids and keeping them active. Whether you are indoors or out, the vibrant toy company Wicked have a wonderful selection of toys to help the summer fun flow. 

Their innovative and original products showcase a flair for fun. Since 2000 they have been creating quality toys. Their fun creations include classic toys with unique design twists plus awe inspiring new products that become toy crazes.

Indoor Booma boomerang 
Boomerang fun is no longer restricted to outdoors thanks to the best indoor boomerang in the world! The Wicked Indoor Booma (£6) is made of soft, safe foam. It isn’t just any old foam though, in fact it is their innovative, specially engineered ‘memorang’ foam. 

The special foam can be ‘tuned’ for different flight paths and when thrown as instructed it will fly an impressive 4-6 metres and return to the spot! This fun booma is perfect for throwing around larger rooms indoors and can also be used outdoors as long as it is not too windy. Because it is made from foam it will not cause any damage when played indoors, so let the boomerang fun come back again and again indoors and out!

The Indoor Booma is part of their impressive range of world famous Boomas which are manufactured in the UK. 

Mega Jump Single Jump Rope
Jump like a pro with the new Wicked Mega Jump! Whether you're a complete beginner or an advanced level jump roper, super smooth rotation is key, that's why Mega Jump (£8) has high quality ball-bearing axles for super silky smooth spins. 

To master skipping and jump your best the rope needs to the correct length for the jumper. With that in mind Wicked have made it super easy to adjust the length to suit each person, thanks to their specially designed rope release mechanism. Just take off the cap, remove the clip and cut the rope to size, it's that simple! From basic tricks like The X, to advanced ones like TJ, the great features of Mega Jump will help you become a jump roper in no time!

The UKick (£8) is tipped to be the biggest playground craze of the year! Fusing elements of badminton and street football, the aim is to keep UKick off the ground for as long as you can. Use your hands or feet, play alone or with friends. This active, interactive game is set to take the global toy market by storm!

To protect kids when having fun in the sun get them the world’s no 1 sunglasses for cool kidz - Suneez!

All pairs of Suneez are fitted with polarized lenses to help reduce glare. Suneez provides 100% UVA/UVB protection and UV400 protection. Suneez are made from a fully flexible material meaning they won't snap. They're virtually unbreakable, believe us, we've tried! They also come with a strap and carry pouch to help keep them safe and help kids from losing them.

Wicked products are sold in a wide variety of retail outlets:  from toy stores, department stores to major supermarket chains, from gift shops to online and on TV. Check out the Wicked toy store to see more of their innovative and fun creations for little kids and big kids alike.

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