Thursday 13 August 2020

Calm and Cozy Travels: How to Explore the World from Home


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Can you travel without leaving home? It sounds strange but fitting to the present realities. In a way, you don’t have to go through the motions of packing, boarding, and fearing any excess baggage fees. Converting dollars to local currency and staying within the budget are also not a problem under this travel setup.

Still, will traveling virtually sound as satisfying as visiting the places physically is? There’s the complete escape that traditional travel offers, with an official pass to break routine. Interestingly, the quarantines, lockdowns, and restrictions somewhat make one feel like a prisoner at home, and the prospect of traveling in whatever form may just be that escape.

So how do you see new places from your couch or bed?

Carry On with Your Travel Plans, Funds  

Hold on to your travel dreams, and continue saving for them. When your travel funds are ready, it’s faster to get up and go on a South African safari, a solo backpacking trip to Slovenia, or a snow trip to Sydney. 

How to fill this purse for adventures in three ways:

  1. Save a portion of your salary. You can allocate 20 percent or more to this fund. Even loose change can go a long way. 

  2. Learn new skills for extra income. Take online classes that you can use for freelance work or will help you start a business.

  3. Open an online store to sell old clothes, new handcrafted items, and other easy-to-market products. Check out the pricing for a more realistic and cost-effective approach.

Sign Up for Virtual Tours

Museums and art galleries are for exploration from your smartphone or computer. The National Museum of Natural History is a good starting point with plenty of exhibits for you. The Louvre, which has reopened recently to the public, has online tours too. You can also book virtual visits to some of the world’s famous landmarks.

Travel through the Pages

Through books, one can ride a magic carpet, sail the seven seas, fight survival on an island, and find oneself in the company of great people, alive or dead. Raid your shelves for titles that promise you with adventures in a faraway land or a postapocalyptic world, whichever suits your idea of living vicariously.

Taste the Exotic

Give in to your craving for ramen, tteokbokki, pierogi, or cuisines that take you back to an unforgettable place or somewhere you have never been. Recipes for international dishes are accessible online, with their distinctive tastes you can re-create at home. You can look up in advance substitutes for ingredients not readily available in your grocery stores. 

Stream a Movie 

Just like books, movies are a great inspiration to travel if only more visually stimulating with scenes, wardrobes, and musical scores. Go on a coming-of-age journey with Stand by Me, rub elbows with F. Scott Fitzgerald in Midnight in Paris, and simply marvel at Cinema Paradiso, among an endless list of films to binge-watch at home. 

Orbit the Earth and Beyond 

Google Earth lets you discover cities, join guided tours, and share your knowledge about a particular place. You can take your earthly adventures to the next level and experience what it’s like to travel in space. NASA has 3-D tours and apps for this out-of-this-world endeavor.   

Listen to Travel Podcasts

Here’s something to delight your ears. You get stories, anecdotes, and tips straight from seasoned travelers on podcasts. Some materials may be free or available for a fee on music streaming platforms, websites, and more. There is a podcast to appeal to your niche or the kind of travels you want, so explore.


Organize a Picnic

It’s a splendid time for a picnic on the grass or lounge in the backyard. Create a generous spread of cakes, sandwiches, and refreshing beverages. Invite everyone in the house or make it a “me” time in your best picnic attire and sunglasses. Pack a few paperbacks, and people-watch if you want. 

As those tips show, creativity has no bounds and limits as you step into new territories from the great indoors. Feel free to share your ideas for a fun and fruitful staycation at home.  

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