Wednesday 14 October 2020

Ben 10: Power Trip game review


Both of the boys are fans of the hit animated franchise Ben 10. They enjoy watching Cartoon Network Studios’ hero Ben Tennyson transform into different aliens thanks to his Omnitrix, a watch-style alien device, to battle villains and save the day. As they have never played a Ben 10 console game before they were very excited at the chance of playing the new Ben 10 game - Ben 10: Power Trip.

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe, Cartoon Network, the number one global animated series network, and worldwide family entertainment publisher Outright Games, working with developer studio PHL Collective released on Friday the 9th October a brand new game - Ben 10: Power Trip which is available now on
PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One.

Set in the universe of the Ben 10 series the game is a Ben 10 adventure. Ben and his family are enjoying their European vacation in the Rust Bucket... until evil magician Hex unleashes the power of four mysterious crystals! Only Ben 10 can break the curse – so get ready to transform into powerful aliens to battle enemies, solve puzzles and freely explore an exciting 3D world. It’s hero time!

With Gwen and Grandpa Max on your side, all the humor and rivalry from the Cartoon Network show is here. And since four arms are better than two, Kevin Levin is along for the adventure in local split-screen co-op. This is one Power Trip you’ll want to take again and again.


* EXPLORE a 3D world packed with exciting missions, power-ups and collectables

* TRANSFORM into powerful aliens including Diamondhead, Four Arms and Heatblast 

* REVEAL the truth behind the mysterious crystals and the void rifts they open

* BATTLE fearsome foes in exciting combat 

* TEAM UP with Kevin Levin in local drop-in, drop-out cooperative play 

It’s hero time!

After being granted an early sneak peek at this awesome new open world action adventure Ben 10 game, the boys have loved transforming into aliens and battling baddies.

Learning the ropes of how to be iconic hero Ben is easy thanks to hints and tips provided throughout the game. After introducing gamers to Ben and his family on their road trip in the Rust Bucket and being accosted by the evil villain Hex, the game begins with a ‘Getting Around’ mission to learn how to use the controls. Navigating the map and finding the different missions is easy thanks to markers. When new skills are acquired the game pops up with what action you need to do to master the new skill.

The open world is fun to navigate around and the boys love the fact that when you jump on bushes or bins you bounce high into the sky. Another fun element of the game is that you can get Ben to use his scooter which is not only useful for travelling longer distances but it is also lots of fun too!

Alien time!

After meeting Ranger Ryan who sets you different missions within the game, Ben encounters a Void Rift in the Ranger Station. There he has to escape the void by battling enemies and leaping across platforms. Having traveled through the portal Ben is able to transform into one of his aliens using his Omnitrix. Throughout the game new aliens are unlocked.

The different aliens including Shockrock, Heatblast and Four Arms plus many more can be selected using the Omnitrix or by quick selecting them or back to Ben using the d-pad.

All of the aliens have their own characteristics and special abilities which can help Ben master missions. As you progress through the game you can upgrade their toughness, power and luck.

The boys love playing as all the different aliens but their favourite by far is XLRB who is super speedy and has the cool ability to rail grind!

I'm Ben Tennyson, and I'm here to save the world.

The missions such as Picnic Basket Plunders, Snow Day Shut In and an Undercover Inspection are not too tricky for the kids to complete which helps avoid frustration yet feature problem solving puzzles to provide a fun challenge. The missions are broken down into little mini tasks which is great for kids to have lots of little goals to achieve and prevent boredom of a long, drawn out mission. After completing missions gamers are rewarded with coins.

Progressing through the game also unlocks upgrades so you can make hero Ben and his aliens tougher, more powerful and luckier ready to battle Hex.

Throughout the game you can find collectables such as coins, trinkets and records. The coins can be used to buy items including upgrades, health bars and maps in Carla Clams’ shop.

Battle time

As Ben and his aliens complete missions they have to battle an array of baddies before an epic final showdown against villainous Hex. The aliens are fantastic fun for battling the baddies with the boys enjoying using Heatblast’s Flamethrower to deal extra damage to enemies.

With puns a plenty Ben also has to deal with the DJ Lord Decibel and his The End of the World Tour which consists of 15 treble missions. These fun bonus missions add variety and extra challenges to the game.

Team time

The game offers co-op play with frenemy Kevin offering to put differences aside to help Ben if needed. The boys love playing together which is not only fun but helps reinforce teamwork and cooperative play. 

Terrific road trip

As you battle to save the day and help the different townspeople such as Arial Roman and Mayor Stefan Shulte whilst on your European road trip with Gwen and Grandpa Max you can explore the cities, forest and mountains as you visit Grashugel Forest, Mt Eisburg and Strudelbek City.

To traverse the large open world you can run around, scoot or travel as one of the aliens (XLR8’s speed is very handy if you want to get somewhere fast). Later in the game you can also visit Grandpa Max in the Rust Bucket to fast travel.

To find your way around you can look at your map and when you select a mission a marker will guide you to where you need to go.

Bentastic game

Overall the kids have loved playing Ben 10: Power Trip. The game is great for fans of the franchise as they will like the recognisable characters. The open world action adventure is lots of fun and the kids have enjoyed battling foes and mastering missions.

Ben 10: Power Trip is available now on PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One.

* We were provided with a code for this game for the purposes of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own *


  1. This sounds like a great game for any Ben 10 fan, we are looking at getting a Nintendo Switch at the moment

  2. Perfect for those Ben 10 fans.

    We’ve been toying with the idea of a switch but I know nothing about games consoles. It’s great to see the graphics etc

  3. The game looks colorful and like it has nice graphics. My nephew got a switch last year and I think he'd enjoy this game.

  4. My son used to adore watching Ben 10 when he was younger but slightly grown out of it now. He would definitely love to play this power trip game as he is so into computer games at the moment.

  5. Looks like a really fun and colourful game for anyone who loves Ben 10. I know my friends kids really enjoy it x

  6. Ben 10 is such a classic :) I remember my cousins being obsessed with it when we were kids. These games look very interesting :)

  7. Looks like a super fun game! Jack really enjoys Ben 10 so I could see him really liking this game too

  8. My older boys loved everything Ben10, sadly it seems to have passed the younger ones by but it looks like a fun game