Wednesday 21 October 2020

The Scary Book review


We love Halloween. Whilst this year might be missing trick or treat fun, we are making sure not to miss out on spooky delights. We’ve visited a pumpkin patch, carved pumpkins, decorated the house and plan on having a Halloween night at home watching family friendly spooky films and munching on sweets and popcorn. We have also been getting ready for Halloween with spooky Halloween reads. Our latest spooky book perfect for Halloween is The Scary Book.

The Scary Book

Published by Prestel The Scary Book is written and illustrated by renowned author and illustrator Thierry Dedieu. Thierry Dedieu is an author and illustrator who has published nearly 100 books. He has received numerous awards, including the Sorcieres Special Prize in 2010. He lives in Le Gers, France.


Snakes, Bats, and Spiders might not seem that frightening - but just wait till you see what they’re like on the INSIDE!

This spooky and funny lift-the-flap book shows what’s hiding inside some creepy creatures.

As the name of the book suggests this board book is a delightfully eerie book filled with scares galore!

This wonderfully ghoulish book has unique illustrations of creepy creatures such as a cute ghost, grumpy pumpkin, spine-chilling spider, and a blood curdling bat. As all of the creepy critters in the book are creatures associated with scares and Halloween this book is ideal for a spooky read.

But this book ups the ante on the spook factor thanks to the flaps hiding more scary delights. The creepy creatures go from looking like a normal pumpkin, octopus, snake, crab, piranha fish, and an iconic ‘boo’ ghost to horrifying creatures showcasing hidden gruesome insides! 

Lift the flap on the colorful crab to reveal sharp teeth and tentacle tongues, open up the ghost to see a terrifying skeleton with spine-tingling sharp teeth, or see a piranha with a gaping mouthful of sharp teeth and a smaller fish about to be eaten.

This stylish book is wonderfully illustrated and the colorful pages make the ghastly delights pop out for a truly horrific scare. The chilling creatures are eye-catching and striking.

Whilst the creepy creatures and their revolting insides are sure to shock and disgust the fun illustrations give the ghastliness a splash of humour for giggles galore as new ghoulish sights are revealed. 

A perfect blend of silly and scary this book is spooktastic and fun for giving children a trick and a treat this Halloween.

Dare you open the flaps and see the hidden insides of the creepy creatures in The Scary Book?

* This book was gifted for free in exchange for this review *


  1. Oh my kids would absolutely love this! They love all things spooky and all things Halloween and this looks great.

  2. I'm quite jumpy so anything unexpected tends to frighten me, also I'm not a fan of creepy crawlies so I'd probably jump at this book as well x