Thursday 15 October 2020

What are the Benefits of School Trips for Children?

Nowadays, as a society we have become increasingly more concerned with the safety of our children, which has made school trips a hot topic of debate. Are there enough teachers per child? Will they be able to keep an eye on every child? Will our children be safe? Ultimately, should we let them go? Of course, these are legitimate questions for parents to ask, but it’s also crucial that we don’t suffocate our children by preventing them from partaking in these types of school activities, especially as they come with many benefits, as explored by a private school in Oxford below.

School trips play a major role in a child’s academic journey. They are essentially a teaching tool, which will help our children with their overall development by enhancing their personal and social skills, as well as giving them a greater understanding of the world around them. The stimulation providing from a new environment can bring classroom lessons to life and make it feel more “real”, which helps with retention of information. As a result, students are likely to perform better in their exams.

Not only are school trips great fun for children and a chance to let their hair down a little bit, they also help the quieter students to step out of their comfort zone somewhat and experience unfamiliar environments. For instance, they might have to ask for directions or speak in a foreign language, depending on the nature of the trip. The experience will help them with their self-esteem, especially as it will provide an opportunity for them to bond with their fellow classmates and even the teachers.

Not all children can learn efficiently from textbooks, so school trips are a great way to engage kinaesthetic learners. After which, they can all return to the classroom feeling refreshed and more motivated to learn, with memories that will stay with them forever. 

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