Wednesday 9 December 2020

Children's Christmas Gift Guide


X-Shot Dino Attack Dino Striker Blaster

Annihilate Dino Eggs with extreme accuracy from up to 90ft / 27m away. With this blaster combination no invader stands a chance.

Prepare for some epic prehistoric blasting action with the X-Shot Dino Attack Dino Striker Blaster (RRP £9.99) from ZURU.

This epic gun has a 6 dart auto-rotating barrel plus storage for 6 more on top. So that kids can be locked and loaded ready for battling dinos the blaster comes with 16 darts. Providing maximum performance the blaster is quick and accurate so that you can have extreme shots when under attack from fearsome dinosaurs and fire darts up to 90ft! 

This set comes with 3 dino eggs too, which kids can try and destroy before the mighty dinosaurs hatch. Thanks to this dino-tastic blaster those invading dinosaurs don't stand a chance!


The Tangle toy (RRP £5) from Zuru is a fun fidget toy that you can shape and twist for tangling fun.

The Tangle is made from 18cm of interconnected, curved plastic pieces that provide easy, and quiet, pivoting fun. Ideal as a sensory, fidget toy not only is it fun but it can reduce stress and aid with calming fidgety behaviour. The tangling and untangling motions strengthen finger muscles, and the colourful designs add a delightful visual element to your twisting and shaping adventures.

Connect Tangles from the Sparkle, Wild, Metallic and Classic series together for endless tangling fun.

Zuru’s iconic Tangle toy is now extra Wild! The colourful giraffe print tangle toy is a great colourway and fun print.

Zuru’s iconic Tangle toy now comes with extra Sparkle! The yellow sparkle tangle toy is super sparkly. 

Great as a stocking filler gift the Tangle toys are tangle-tastic fun!

Robo Alive Crawling Spider

Robo Alive Crawling Spider (RRP £5) by Zuru is the scariest pet ever. 

This Robo Alive Crawling Spider guarantees to be a scream. With skin-crawling super-fast, realistic movements and lifelike details, this little spider is the perfect way to trick your friends. This creepy, crawly prank toy is so realistic, your friends and family will think there’s a real spider around!

It makes for a fun gift to give to spider-loving kids and is ideal as a stocking filler gift.

Buzz Snow

This Buzz Snow kit from Buzz Retail is a polymer powder that when hydrated it looks and feels just like Snow, except it never melts! It's eco-friendly, non-toxic and safe for children and animals. It looks like sugar before it is hydrated and looks and feels like Snow after you have added water. It expands up to 100 times than its original size. After two and a half weeks the snow will start to dehydrate and return back to its powder form, ready to be activated again. Use it in your Christmas table displays, shop window displays, around your X-mas tree, or to highlight a display out in the garden or fill the bath just for fun!

London Bus puzzle

This wonderful Puzzle Vehicle Track is a 16-piece set, combining creative and educational fun. All of the interchangeable track pieces can be linked together, to make up to 50 different track combinations. The set comes with the recognizable black London Bus, detailing all the favorite tourist destinations in London. This is a fun way to develop problem solving, motor and language skills.

Smiley Halves

Smiley Halves (RRP from £4.99) created by a family run business WOTCH Creations Ltd using innovative Hexa-Plex technology are new collectible, blind bag surprise toys that feature well-known SMILEY emoticons to collect and connect. 

The blind bags have two halves of iconic emoticons. Will you strike it lucky and uncover a complete face in one bag or will you have two different halves? Collect and Connect matching halves to create a well known emoticon or mix up halves for a unique, two faced emoticon.

With 22 variations of SMILEY’s famous emoticons available to collect there are 10 traditional style, iconic yellow faces to find and 10 rare faces in 5 different colours and rarities, plus 2 legendary glow in the dark ones!




The innovative HEXA-PLEX technology that uses a clever magnetic locking system locks the face halves together quickly and easily. This unique feature means that they can connect with ease then pulled apart to mix faces up for lots of emoticon fun. The interlocking design also allows the face to be spun around making the SMILEY-HALVES a fantastic fidget toy.

They are also a fantastic communication tool. Thanks to the varied range of emoticons available to collect children can display emotions using the faces to share how they are feeling. The toy enables self expression and children can make their mood with the toy. 

Perfect as a stocking filler these are a great gift to give children who will love the blind bag surprise, fidgety fun and collectability of emoticon SMILEY-HALVES.

HARIBO Starmix Tube

Featuring the same merry mix of iconic HARIBO pieces that we all know and love, NEW for 2020 is the HARIBO Starmix Tube (RRP £1). A sweet stocking filler for any Starmix fan, it’s the perfect little treat this Christmas.

HARIBO Tangfastics Tube

Frosted with a sprinkling of signature tang, NEW for 2020 is this tube of Tangfastic treats! A wonderful surprise for any sweet lover, it’s a gift guaranteed to raise a smile this Christmas.

Pets Alive Frankie the Funky Flamingo

There’s always a party when Frankie the Funky Flamingo (RRP £20) is around. 

The Pets Alive flamingo from Zuru is a funky, dancing pet! Watch Frankie shimmy and shake! Press her wing to watch her come alive, and see her neck twirl to the tunes and her vibrant flapping feathers wiggle along to the music. Her upbeat energy, 3 catchy songs and funk-tastic dance moves will get you wanting to move too. 

Frankie The Funky Flamingo comes with a baby flamingo surprise too! Open up the egg and to discover which cute new friend with funky hair you have received.

This fun interactive toy will capture your heart and get you dancing to the beat. Perfect as a gift it is a lot of fun!

Gelli Baff

Gelli Baff (RRP £4.99) from Zimpli Kids is a totally unique, fun, 100% safe bath time product that lets you turn water into biodegradable goo and back again! By adding Gelli Baff powder to water, you create a thick colourful goo. Skin and stain safe. After fun play simply wash away.

Gelli Baff is available in a range of exciting colours, fragrances and effects plus Gelli Play packets (RRP £2.99) and is the perfect product for messy and multi-sensory play!

Slime Baff

​Slime Baff (RRP £4.99) safely turns your bath water into a gooey, oozy bath of biodegradable slime. By just adding more water, the slime can be diluted into coloured water that can be easily drained away. Slime Baff is available in a range of exciting colours and effects such as glitter and is the perfect product for messy and multi-sensory play!

Gelli Worlds Dino Pack

The Gelli Worlds Dino Pack (RRP £14.99) is a children’s sensory and imaginative play set.

Create your very own imaginary miniature Gelli adventure world for hours of sensory playtime fun. The unique texture of Gelli is perfect for messy and multi-sensory play.

Gelli powder is biodegradable and is skin safe, drain safe, easy clean and stain free.  When the fun is done, simply remove your toy figures and pour the Gelli down the toilet and flush. 

Proudly made in the UK to strict European safety standards, this set comes with 5 bags of Gelli and an 8-piece dino-tastic toy set plus inflatable play tray for endless imaginative fun, non messy play and great play value.

Dreamimal Dream Pillow

The dream pillow™ is a tool based on a proven technique to help kids sleep and dream good dreams. Help your child get a good night's sleep! It helps make going to bed fun for kids as they craft stories “to dream up”. Benefits of the Dream Pillow that parents love is the fact that it helps practice positive imagery before bed, children about their power of their thoughts, the importance of good sleep, positive thinking and helps create a comforting bedtime ritual.

The Dreamimals™ Dream Pillows (RRP £15.99) are available in 3 adorable designs - Sharkie, Lamby and Pinkie.

Hi, I am Sharkie!

I am the BRAVEST of all the Dreamimals™. I love snuggling and sharing ADVENTUROUS DREAMS Plus whenever you need it my speciality is inspiring your personal power, CONFIDENCE

The Dreamimals™ Sharkie is super cute and super soft. The plush is made from all natural 100% cotton. It comes with 60 dream pillow blank idea cards.

The matching mini "Day Dreamimal" character is a daytime out and about comforter and hand sanitiser. The mini day dreamimal is available individually (RRP £7.99) or can be bought with the original dream pillow.

Help children “dream good dreams” by gifting them an adorable Dreamimal Dream Pillow set.

Rainbocorns Big Hair Surprise

Discover the most fabulous, hair-mazing surprises with Rainbocorns Big Hair Surprise (RRP £40)! 

Hatch open the giant two-toned egg to meet the biggest Rainbocorns with the most stylish hair yet! This soft Rainbocorn has super sassy hair that you can style. With over 30 layers of surprise, you'll find everything you need to make yourself look just as stylish as your new Rainbocorn friend, including hair accessories, charm bracelets, and temporary tattoos. 

There are 3 sassy friends to find Mo the Toucancorn, Pam-Purr the Kittycorn, and Glam Glam the Unicorn. Each Rainbocorn has a fabulous hair style that you can brush and accessorize. Who will you find?! The splendid surprise also includes a tribe of new Big Hair booboocorns to collect.

With so many epic surprises to unbox, this makes for the perfect Christmas gift for those who love Rainbocorns and surprises!

Rainbocorns Sparkle Heart Surprise

Unbox a soft and sparkly surprise with the new Rainbcorns Sparkle Heart Surprise Series 2 (RRP £10). 

Each mini Rainbocorn character comes with a sparkly heart that you can peel to reveal what your Rainbocorn loves… what will you reveal?!

These soft and cuddly Rainbocorns come with all new Stamp Surprise Boo-boocorns, there’s over 34 to find! There’s also new Rainbocorn Glitter Poop hiding inside the egg that stretches over 3000% in size!

Collect all 6 new friends including the Monkeycorn, Lioncorn, Owlcorn, Flamingocorn, Pandacorn and Unicorn! Which sparkly character will you find?!

Hatching new from Rainboville, these Rainbocorns love all things sparkly and fun! Combining surprise unboxing with cute cuddly plush, Sparkle Heart Series 2 are sure to steal your heart! Great as a sparkly gift this Christmas.

Ink and Drop Little Heroes Animal Prints

These super cute little heroes animal prints (RRP from £13) from Ink and Drop are awesome art prints that will not only make your kids smile but also add colour and character to your wall.

The wonderfully cute pictures of awesome animal superheroes in a soft watercolour painting style are beautiful. The playful prints showcase a varied range of animals in a superhero style including leopard, deer, fox and duckling. 

The animals are beautifully designed and all have their own characters shining through - the cool dude Super Raccoon, the Super Kitten with attitude, the cheeky Super Orangutan and the adorable Super Puppy. Each little hero animal is donning a colourful superhero mask!

The high quality little heroes animal prints are available in different sizes in matt or gloss finish as well as canvas. Ink and Drop have a wide variety of different print designs available all of which would be great gifts for young and old.

Planet Buddies

Planet Buddies is dedicated to raising awareness for endangered animals all over the world. Their goal is to educate children about the issues that threaten animals with extinction. This includes loss of habitat, global warming, and harmful substances ending up in our oceans. Their aim is to share knowledge and inspire change in our future generations to help protect all life on our planet.

Planet Buddies have created a range of kids headphones, bluetooth speakers and holders for tablets based on a variety of colourful characters who represent endangered, vulnerable, and threatened species from all over the world.

Charlie the Tiger Furry Kids Headphones

Charlie the Tiger furry kids headphones (RRP £19.99) are designed to teach children about the important fact that tigers are endangered whilst they enjoy fun, high quality headphones. 

Designed with a fun, fluffy animal print headband and printed on the earcups, the headphones are fully adjustable with high-quality materials and soft padded earcups for maximum comfort. To ensure strength and durability, headphones are designed to withstand handling, drops, and knocks by small children.

Planet Buddies’ furry headphones are volume limited to 85 decibels which is the level recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). The child-safe audio limit on our headphones helps to prevent noise-induced hearing loss. Listening at a maximum level of 85 decibels makes it safe to enjoy up to 8 hours of audio a day and is suitable for children aged 3+. The headphones are equipped with two 3.5mm jack ports so you can connect any second pair of wired headphones and share what you’re listening to!

Pepper the Penguin Bluetooth Speaker

Created to raise awareness of the plight of the penguins, the Pepper the Penguin bluetooth speaker (RRP £29.99) is super cute.

Perfect for listening to music or reading along to your favourite audiobook, Pepper the Penguin Bluetooth speaker allows you to enjoy up to 4-hours of total playtime; with an impressive 60-day standby time.

Connect wirelessly to any Bluetooth 5.0 compatible device including tablets and smartphones. When connected to your smartphone, Pepper the Penguin Bluetooth speaker allows you to answer and end calls at the touch of a button, while the built-in microphone lets you talk hands-free.

The multi-speaker pairing function allows you to connect Pepper the Penguin speaker with any other wireless Planet Buddies Bluetooth speaker to achieve a full surround-sound effect.

The Bluetooth speaker is designed in exquisite, adorable detail with Pepper’s own unique story printed on the packaging to help educate children on the environmental issues that impact endangered penguins.

Planet Buddies products are wonderful gifts to give children this Christmas as they are high quality, practical, fun and help educate children on endangered animals and environmental issues.

Snax the Sloth

Snax the Sloth (RRP £30) from John Adams is the Sloth that talks back… slowly!

Meet Snax! Our favourite sleepy sloth and cuddly friend!

My name is Snax. I live in New York City. Living life in the fast lane is tough when you are a sloth, as I do everything very slowly. I love to hang out, SLEEP and I even talk. Talk to me and I will talk back to you… very slowly as my eyes and mouth move. I also have really long arms that can bend and hold onto just about anything and give the best cuddles!

Sparking giggles galore, Snax's slow talking is a hit with kids. Super cute, cuddly and lots of fun, Snax is a superb sloth that is a smashing gift to give to loved ones this Christmas.

* We were gifted samples for inclusion in this gift guide*


  1. A lovely selection of gift ideas here. My son loves nerf and x-shot stuff, I should probably not buy more but the dinosaur one looks great x

  2. Some grest gifts, you can't go wrong with a nerf gun. The robotic crawling spider would freak me out so I don't think I'd even want that in my house x

  3. Great ideas here - my girls love Rainbocorns!

  4. Some really lovely ideas but I think the Haribos one would win in my house

  5. All of these gifts are lovely! I think my personal favourites are the talking sloth (I mean, how adorable?!) and the furry headphones.

  6. The tangle toy looks fun, my son loves a good fiddle toy to play with

  7. What a fabulous selection of Christmas gifts for children! My daughter has a few of the Tangles and still loves them now! Sim x