Friday 11 December 2020

Christmas gift guide for grown-ups



Carfume is as the name suggests perfume for your car. 

Keep your car smelling gorgeous thanks to their premium car fresheners. Available in a wide range of fragrances evocative of beautiful perfumes and aftershaves, Carfume has a scent to suit all. 

Carfume comes in a gorgeous glass bottle adorned with a bespoke wooden top. There are a wonderful range of luxury hand-painted coloured bottles to choose from such as black, cyan and red to suit all styles, you can even pick one to compliment your car colour. Carfume scents are made in the UK and the bottles are recyclable. 

The Premium Edition Carfume (RRP from £11.99 for one time or available as a discounted subscription) is hand-painted to a matt finish. Available in a range of fragrances such as Lady Millionaire for her, Invictus for him and Black Orchid, Carfume is a mood enhancing car air freshener. 

Gift car enthusiasts Carfume to that they can DRIVE HAPPY. 


Tweezerfile™ (RRP £19.99) is a beauty tool designed to sharpen dull tweezers. 

This award winning product is a beauty bag must-have. It is designed from high quality and durable materials to be a beauty tool which is designed to last for life. 

As Tweezerfile prevents your old tweezers from going blunt, ensuring they remain as good as new so you don’t have to throw them away and buy new, it will help save you money whilst also saving on waste. 

Tweezerfile™ features a contoured handle which fits in the palm of your hand and diamond plated stainless steel blades on either side for the highest quality sharpening. Tweezerfile is available in coral or petrol blue. 

A great gift for loved ones who love beauty, Tweezerfile is the gift that keeps on giving.

Jose Eber Air Styler

The Jose Eber Air Styler (RRP £179.99) is a new HST air styler. 

The revolutionary Jose Eber Air Styler utilizes a high speed nano fan that propels cool air through the styler to instantly set hair into the desired style of curls or waves. The Air Styler also straightens hair faster than most conventional flat irons.

Sleek and stylish it features tourmaline ceramic coating  on the styling plates to decrease friction for damage free pass.  The plates are also spring-loaded and floating for constant & even contact with hair. The Air Styler's unique air cooling feature allows you to bring the barrel right up against the scalp with no fear of burning.

Give the gift of stylish hair thanks to the Jose Eber Air Styler.

Jose Eber Infusion Brush

The Jose Eber Infusion Brush (RRP £179.99) is the next generation in straightening brush technology! 

Now you can not only achieve the results of a straightening iron with the ease of using a brush, but also infuse hair with specially-designed and nutrient-rich formulas when heat makes the hair most receptive. The result is straight, sleek, healthy hair! 

Digital heat control ensures you use the precise heat setting for your individual hair type. Silicone bristle caps guard the scalp from the heated bristles and aid in effortless glide through all hair types and textures. Plus anti-static ceramic bristles add luxurious shine while greatly reducing frizz and fly-aways.

The Jose Eber Infusion Brush is a wonderful gift to help loved ones have silky, healthy hair!

Jose Eber HST Clipless Curling Iron

The Jose Eber HST Clipless Curling Iron 25mm (RRP £119.99) creates larger, bouncier long lasting curls and voluptuous waves that are smoother, shiner, and frizz-free. 

Create incredible volume and texture while reducing the amount of damage caused by traditional curling wands. The innovative clipless design provides consistent and even heat for quicker styling without causing creased or crimped ends. Create a more natural look by curling hair from root to tip, reducing heat at the hair's weakest point (the tips) and save your locks from unnecessary harm.

The light weight ergonomic design and 360 degree swivel cord makes it easy to create curls with his curling iron that features a Korean tourmaline ceramic barrel. 

Give the gift of beautiful bouncy curls with this innovative curling iron.

Painted Watercolour Female Face Print

This gorgeous Painted Watercolour Female Face Print (RRP from £13) from Ink and Drop is an eye-catching print that would look good on any wall. Available in matt or gloss print in various sizes it is also available as a canvas.

The creative print features the silhouette of a ladies face and hair set against a light blue background. The watercolour painted lady is filled with beautiful flowers and leaves in shades of pinks and greens. 

The watercolours used to create this blooming scene of nature gives the print and air of femininity. The picture has been created with soft blooms and flora which creates texture within the print bringing it alive.

The abstract modern print looks beautiful, feminine and strong. The contemporary print would be a lovely gift. 

A creative, cool painted style ladies face and hair full of gorgeous watercolour textures and shapes. Abstract modern print which will give any room an instant edgy looking interior. A very contemporary cool poster print.

Sleep Master® Deluxe Sleep Mask

The Sleep Master® Deluxe Sleep Mask (RRP £22.99) is a high quality, revolutionary patented sleep mask. 

The elegant, luxurious sleep mask is perfect for helping get a good night’s sleep. Created by an insomniac who found other sleep masks did not help block light or sound, the Sleep Master® mask was created as a simple, all-in-one, one-size-fits-all product, which ELIMINATES LIGHT and REDUCES SOUND, giving you a deep, refreshing sleep by shutting out the world in an immediate, intimate way.

The mask is made from wonderfully light-weight, soft, cool satin fabric, that is comfortable and breathable. It offers superb light blocking with double noise reduction plus the ear area is padded for sound muffling. The mask is flexible and durable with a wide band that wraps around your head and secured by velcro straps for the perfect fit. The mask features a built-in earplug storage pocket perfect for keeping the reusable ear plugs that come with it safe.

Give the gift of a good night’s sleep with this luxurious, quality sleep mask.

RUZER Bike Pump with Repair Kit

The RUZER Neon Green and Black Telescopic Bike Pump with Repair Kit for cyclists (RRP £38.95) is a premium metal alloy 7 inch pump with gauge perfect for pros.

The stylish pump is made from high quality aluminium alloy and is expertly crafted with quality parts built to last and be reliable. The distinctive looking pump is lightweight and compact meaning it can fit in pockets for easy carrying or it can fit on a bike’s frame. 

The telescopic barrel extends 17cm out to 43cm for increased pumping power each pump. Thanks to its clever design you can pump 25% faster than conventional 7 inch pumps and the ergonomic handle allows for quick and easy inflation.

The RUZER pro pump is the only pump at this price point that is built with a metal barrel that has an inbuilt gauge. The analog gauge provides accurate psi readings so you can instantly know what psi your inner tube is inflated to. With 100 psi max pressure you can adjust your psi for the conditions you are facing. The innovative pump features 3 valve adaptations inbuilt so that it is Schrader, Dunlop and Presta compatible.

The useful pump also comes with a repair kit. Keep your bike going thanks to the inner tube puncture repair kit. The practical kit comes with 6 self adhesive glueless patches, and 2 metal tyre levers, the repair kit is suitable for road, mountain or commuter bikes.

This useful, quality emergency patch repair kit fits in a small compact, light-weight box weighing 70g. Thanks to its compact design the kit can fit in saddle bags or back pockets, meaning you don’t need to compromise on what to take on your ride and can have a repair kit to hand when you need it.

The premium metal tyre levers are 300% stronger than plastic or nylon tyre levers and guaranteed not to snap for any bike tyre so you are not let down on long distant or important rides. The unique metal hook allows you to unseam tyres from the bike rim fast and effectively to get you back on the road quickly and easily.

The 25mm pro patches are premium self-adhesive patches - no glue, no mess, go ride! The patches are designed with a fantastic fibre that is durable and very sticky to the inner tube so you can repair your flat fast without messy glue. The pro patches are also thicker than traditional self adhesive patches which provides extra protection to the repair area for an extremely durable ride.

Designed and made in the UK with pride; the premium, high quality RUZER Neon Green and Black Telescopic Bike Pump with Repair Kit is the perfect gift for amateur and pro cyclists to keep them on the road quickly for a smooth, safe ride!

Ornatus rug

Give the gift of a beautiful rug from Ornatus Interiors. With an impressive range of rugs of different styles and materials there is a rug to suit everyone’s taste. From modern and contemporary rugs to classic traditional and Chinese rugs Ornatus Interiors stock a wide range of rug designs. The quality rugs they stock include wool, silk, viscose, shag pile or the easy to clean types like acrylic and polypropylene. The rugs are available in a range of sizes and prices to suit all spaces and budgets.

Practical yet thoughtful a gift of a rug could help a loved one transform a room and give them a touch of luxury and warmth underfoot.

With so many amazing rugs on offer we wanted to share just a couple of our favourites.

The Spectrum Bolero Multi from Flair is a colourful rug with a striking design. The rug is super soft, very hard wearing and affordable. The rug is part of a collection of intense colour and precision hand carved rugs that include 6 design options - Rhumba, Tango, Waltz, Bolero, Samba and Dynamic. The statement rug bursting with colour is a vibrant gift to give a splash of colour.

The Think Rugs Michelle Collins OS0078 Navy is a gorgeous rug part of a selection of superb designs have been chosen from artist Michelle Collins' striking collection. Part of the designer range the rug is high quality. The gorgeous rug is digitally printed to replicate the artwork and is reminiscent of a galaxy.

* We were gifted items for inclusion in this gift guide *


  1. These are some lovely ideas, that eye mask looks so soothing and relaxing. I could do with one of those.

  2. You have some lovely gift ideas I do love the looks of the air brush. My hair straighteners are getting old now

  3. I want to infusion brush, definitely something I can make use of plus I have the sleep masks as well.

  4. Love the idea of carfume, I don't like the synthetic smells of the cheap ones

  5. Some lovely ideas here. I have actually got my other half some Carfume, he loves nice scents for the car.