Monday 7 December 2020

Film & Gaming Collectibles gift guide


Looking for gifts to give to someone who loves films, TV or video games? Give a special movie, TV or video game themed collectible gift to your loved ones with a little help from Fanattik.

Crazy about collectibles, Fanattik provides officially licensed exciting and affordable gifts from the world of movies, TV and video gaming.

Their website is a treasure trove of cool collectibles that are sure to bring a smile to the face of fans as well as look amazing on display.

Each limited edition item is individually numbered and supplied either in a display box or pack so a great item to give to someone as a gift. A truly unique gift for any film or video game fanattik!

Marvel coins

These officially licensed Marvel coins (RRP £15) are beautifully made to celebrate superheroes from the marvellous world of Marvel. The .999 silver plated coins feature a colour image on front and back. The heavily detailed coins measure 44mm in diameter. 

Adorned with a comic book background on both sides, the coins feature on one side the iconic Marvel Coins logo and on the other side the name and picture of a famous Marvel superhero. 

Created as an exclusive for London Comic Con the Marvel coins showcase the Marvel heroes Spiderman, Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America and Thor. The coins can be purchased individually or as a money saving set with the Marvel Coin Collection (RRP £49.99) which includes all five of the officially licensed Marvel coins. 

Playing cards

Enjoy a game of cards adorned with images from iconic films with these premium playing cards (RRP £7.99). Available in designs inspired by famous films such as The Godfather and Back to the Future they would make a great gift to give film fans.

Celebrate the 40th anniversary of Alien with a pack of large playing cards featuring exclusive artwork. Created by Fanattik, this set of Alien playing cards was nominated for Gift of the Year 2020 by the British Gift Association. These premium cards make the ideal gift for any fan of this iconic film. 


Fanattik offers a wide variety of fantastic officially licensed felt Pennants (RRP £12) that showcase iconic images associated with films and video games. 

Perfect for displaying, the pennants can enhance your room and add a touch of nostalgia for iconic films and games such as Back to the Future, Resident Evil, Elder Scrolls and Doom. Made to a high quality out of felt the pennants measure 30 x 12 inches. 

Created to celebrate the famous film, the Jurassic Park 1993 opening weekend premium pennant features the iconic Jurassic Park logo and eye-catching dinosaur claw marks. Perfect for fans of the film, the pennant also memorializes the famous tagline “An adventure 65 million years in the making!”.

Likewise the Jaws pennant celebrates another iconic film. Harmonious to the film's famous artwork, the pennant features a bloody Jaws logo and swimming woman as “Amity Island Welcomes You!”.

Wall Decals

Fanatic about displaying a love for films and TV shows, Fanattik also offer wonderful wall decals such as Harry Potter. Made in the UK the wall decals (RRP £11.99) are removable decals that you can use to style your space and showcase your favourite film or TV show.

Fans of dinosaurs and the iconic film Jurassic Park will love the set of Jurassic Park wall decals.

The officially licensed set contains a whopping 22 self-adhesive, removal decals and features black and white dinosaurs, dino prints and claw marks, plus the famous line “life finds a way”.

Bottle opener

Fanattik also sells novelty premium bottle openers (RRP £12) designed in a style associated with a famous film or video game. Bottle openers available to buy to use or display include Sea of Thieves, Scarface, Fallout, and Predator.

One of our favourites is the Official Jaws premium heavyweight metal, magnetic bottle opener. Designed in a classic Amity Island Surf Shop design with a chunk taken out of the surfboard, the bottle opener evokes thoughts of a shark attack! The reverse of the surfboard bottle opener has the classic red Jaws logo. The finer details on the bottle opener such as the date 1975 adds to the novelty and collectability of the bottle opener for fans of the film.

Dog tags

Another range of collectibles available from Fanattik include film and TV inspired Dog Tags (RRP £12). Wear your love of a famous film or video game around your neck with these awesome Dog Tags inspired by films and video games including Rambo, Fallout and The Godfather.

As huge fans of the film franchise Alien we love the Alien Dog Tags. Officially licensed by 20th Century Fox, this highly detailed set of metal dog tags has an embossed design on both sides and is surrounded by protective silicone. The high quality tags look great with the metal embossed design which includes the famous face hugger and the iconic tagline “In space… no one can hear you scream”.

Gaming merch

As well as films and TV shows the site has a wide range of collectibles and merch from the world of video games. There is something for everyone as they offer gaming merch for games such as Cuphead, Doom, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Banjo Kazooie, Fallout and many more.

Crazy about collectibles or have a loved one who is fannatical about films, TV shows and video games? Take a look at Fanattik, which as the name suggests is an attic full of fan memorabilia, for a special gift to give loved ones or as a treat to yourself!

* We were gifted these items in return for this post *


  1. This is the perfect gift guide for my film mad fiancé, I was looking for something to add on to his Christmas list so I will check these out x

  2. My nephew is really into superheroes right now. I am sure he'd love to use the Marvel items to decorate his room.

  3. Some lovely bits and pieces for big fans. I get a lot of star wars stuff for my fiance as he loves the movies x

  4. My son really loves Marvel movies. There are so many great items that would make lovely Christmas gifts for him.

  5. My husband is a bit of a gamer and movie buff so I know he would love to have a few of this for Christmas

  6. I want Marvel coins, I didn't know it was something I can collect, definitely will start collecting them.

  7. These are perfect for kids and adults who like to collect movie memorabilia

  8. I have a friend who would basically love all of these for Christmas! Thanks for the guide.

  9. I'm a big fan of Jurassic park and I love those stickers!! The Alien playing cards are also great too.