Thursday 17 December 2020

Planet Buddies Expands on Conservation Efforts with Major Charities

Marine Conservation Society & World Land Trust Become Charity Partners of Child Friendly and  Sustainably Packaged Accessory Brand, Planet Buddies 

Planet Buddies, an environmentally conscious child friendly  accessory brand announces their first charitable partnerships in pledge to educate and support  conservation efforts and educate children through use of technology. 

Successfully launching in the summer of 2020, Planet Buddies products were designed and created  specifically for children. The Planet Buddies brand was born out of a dedication in raising awareness  for endangered animals all over the world and educating children on what they can do to help.  

Starting in January, the partnership will see an annual investment made to these two highly  regarded and respected UK based charities. Planet Buddies products will be split across the charities,  for example, water-based product packaging like ‘Noah the Whale’ will bare the charity logo and  support for the Marine Conservation Society. ‘Olive the Owl’ and land-based animals will carry the  World Land Trust logo and investments here will go towards specific programs like Keepers of the  Wild which supports many of their partner organisations to employ local men and women as  rangers, straight into conservation’s frontline. 

“In partnering with the Marine Conversation Society and World Land Trust, we stay true to our core  values; supporting conservation efforts and educating future generations on their actions towards  the environment. At the same time, respecting and utilising the role technology plays in how Children  can learn with fun and engaging products” explains Adam Bailey, Marketing Director at Planet  Buddies. He continues “demand has exploded this year due to more children learning remotely and  parents making more considered purchases to protect and educate their young families at home” 

The Planet Buddies product range includes a family of headphones, true wireless speakers and tablet  cushions, all representing endangered, vulnerable or threatened species including ‘Pepper the  Penguin’ and ‘Olive the Owl’. The products each have a story about its character, why they are  endangered and practical tips on what children can do to help protect all life on our planet such as  turning off lights when they leave a room. 

Katharine Sharp - Corporate Partnerships Manager, Marine Conservation Society

“We were thrilled when Planet Buddies approached us with an aim to work together and through the  sale of their wonderful products raise some much-needed funds for our work. Their products are not only beautifully made and kind to the environment, but they encourage positive messaging around  how to care for and look after our planet, something which supports the work of our own Education  team. We are excited to work together to spread the word about how amazing our marine  environment is, and how important it is to look after it. A huge thank you to Planet Buddies for their  support." 

Tracey Butler - Corporate Communications Manager, World Land Trust 

“World Land Trust (WLT) is pleased to be working in partnership with Planet Buddies as we share the  value of educating future generations on the importance of protecting the environment. Working  together we can take positive action to save threatened habitat from deforestation, to protect the  home of endangered wildlife and address climate change, and we are grateful for Planet Buddies’  support of WLT’s conservation work” 

Doing their bit to help the environment, the packaging for each Planet Buddies product is made from  100% recyclable cardboard, with NO plastic window, and is printed with soy-based inks. None of the  products or packaging in the range contain any single-use plastics and customers are encouraged to  recycle wherever possible. 

Key Safety and Eco Conscious Features Include: 

• 100% recyclable packaging, with no plastic used 

• Promotes good posture and reduces neck and upper back strength (Tablet cushions only) 

• Child-safe limited to 85db to protect hearing (Headphones only) 

• Eco hemp carry pouch included (Limited range of Headphones only) 

Following on from their successful launch in September this year Planet Buddies are launching brand  new products to the market, all of which will be linked to the same wonderful colourful characters.  Fantastic products including Light Switch Stickers, Wardrobe Dividers, Lunch Bags and many more  additions to the already popular technology line.

* Nothing has been received for this post, we are doing so as we support Planet Buddies' charity initiative * 

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