Thursday 31 December 2020

Tips on how to display wall art in your home


We love wall art. The walls of our home are adorned with wall art we love alongside personal touches of personal photographs and special mementos. Wall art is great for us as it allows us to display art we love and decorate our boring walls. Wall art flows through our house, with prints and canvases in every room in the home. We have a wonderful array of wall art from Fine Art America such as cool and colourful children’s cartoon prints in the kids’ playroom, rustic kitchen signs and stunning Nailia Schwarz food photography wall art in the kitchen, stunning female figure drawings alongside sultry flowers in the master bedroom, and beautiful wildlife photography prints in black and white in the family room.

Wall art displayed in a home is a fantastic way to inject colour, character and style into your home as well as complete a room’s style to complement the decor. There are many ways you can display wall art in the home such as a one-off piece, in a frame on a mantlepiece or as part of a unique gallery wall. Wall art works well throughout the whole house from the hallway, living room, bedrooms, stairway, kitchen, and even the bathroom. 

A gallery wall is a wonderful way to display wall art within the home to adorn a blank wall space. This on-trend interior decor concept can make a dramatic impact to a space and works well in all rooms for a stylish look. The beauty of a gallery wall is that you can create a unique gallery wall to suit your own taste and it can be a brilliant way to showcase your favourite things and display a style you love.

Mix it up

When displaying wall art in your home whether as a one-off piece of art or as a collection as part of a gallery wall, it works well if you display your wall art alongside other things for a special, unique look. 

Mix it up by displaying wall art alongside different shapes, sizes and textures for an eye-catching, interesting style. For example a large square art print alongside an oval mirror, a textured rectangular tapestry, a canvas print and a set of small framed photographs can create a beautiful look and is a wonderful way to display wall art. Likewise mix up displaying horizontal and vertical pieces for an interesting look.

Wall art displayed alongside items such as vintage photo frames, lighting, personal trinkets, retro prints, mirrors, tapestries and textiles, clocks, ceramics, vases, musical instruments, personal photographs, plants and so much more helps create a stylish, engaging, unique look that is personal and special to you.

Planned or spontaneous

When displaying your wall art especially when hanging it alongside other items you can either plan or be spontaneous.

If you have the wall art and items you want to display, rather than placing hooks at random and removing them if it doesn’t look good, create a plan of how you would like to arrange before they go on the wall. You could sketch out a map to decide where to place items or plan it on the floor to get the look you want and a lovely display. But if you only have a few items of wall art to begin with it is good to hang a central, dominant piece of wall art and then add things spontaneously around it organically and over time. 

Off the walls

When displaying a few pieces of wall art on one wall on their own or alongside other items such as personal photographs in frames and plants it is worthwhile utilising more than just the walls for an eye-catching look. Floating frames, mantelpieces, the tops of sideboards, plants hung from ceiling planters and large canvases placed on the floor propped up against the decorative wall can work really well to create a multidimensional look.

Think about the space

Whether you are displaying one piece of beautiful wall art or a collection of wall art and decorative items for a gallery wall, think about the space you are adorning so you display items of the right size and style for the room and look you are trying to create.

If you are displaying one piece of wall art hang it with the center of the piece being at eye level. If it is going behind a sofa or sideboard hang it slightly above.

If you are displaying wall art as part of an eclectic gallery wall have your largest piece in the center of the display. If you have more than one large piece hang them apart with smaller items surrounding them. Whether you plan or spontaneously create your wall art display, for an interesting look avoid a grid-box-like pattern by displaying a mix of sizes and shapes.

Cohesive creation

Whether you are displaying a sole piece of wall art or a collection such as abstract wall art, think about the room you are displaying them in and how it suits the style of the space. Pick wall art that compliments the room’s decor or for an eye-catching display pick a contrasting style and colour.

When picking wall art for your home it can be wise to think about the style you want for the room, perhaps vibrant prints of abstract trees for the dining room or watercolour seashells for the bathroom. 

Cohesive creation can be achieved by picking wall art by colour such as stellar nighscapes or by displaying wall art of the same theme such as vivid landscapes from the talented Erin Hanson.

Do you have wall art in your home?

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