Tuesday 16 March 2021

Louby Lou Magic Words bracelet review


Words have power. They can hurt and be negative but they can also empower and provide positivity. Words can be special and important to us; being inspiring, encouraging, a positive reminder or a light in the darkness of poor mental health. 

As words can be magical Louby Lou, a popular children’s entertainer in the North West of England, created the Magic Word bracelet.

Carry your magic word bracelet with you every day to inspire you, encourage you and to remind you that you are brilliant, you are enough and you are magic!

Magic Word bracelets are beautiful string bracelets made with a metal donut shaped disc that is engraved with your magic word/s.

The string bracelets are available in a range of colours including black, purple and green.

The magic word charm is available in a range of wonderful finishes - metal, gold, silver and rose gold.

To evoke the power of your magic word/s the bracelet charm can be personalised so it is truly unique to you or extra special to gift to a loved one.

The charm can be engraved with a maximum of 18 characters including symbols. As you can choose which words to have engraved on your magic word charm the bracelet is personal to you.

The magic word bracelets are beautifully made. The string bracelet is adjustable and securely holds the gorgeous magic word cham. The engraving is exquisite and the beauty of the magic word charm is that it is empowering and wonderfully unique.

I love my bracelet that displays the words ‘Elysium’ and ‘Family’. I have always had a special connection to the word elysium and it has been a relaxing, positive light that has helped me get through dark times so having this word on a bracelet I can see on a daily basis helps provide a sense of serenity and hope. I also chose the word family as my family means the world to me and when I am struggling with pain or fatigue thanks to my chronic illness thinking of them fills me with love and gives me strength. I also love that I could also have a star and heart symbol engraved alongside my special words.

Perfect as a gift, we also had a magic word bracelet to give to my mum. Showcasing the Welsh words ‘Mamgu arbenning’ with a star and heart symbol the bracelet is a special gift for my kids to give to their ‘Amazing grandmother’ so that she can carry the love we have for her with her everywhere she goes. 

The magic word bracelets (RRP from £15) are available on the Loubylou.co.uk website where you can also find adorable Louby Lou and Roger Rabbit dolls and a colourful “If it’s laughter you’re after” mug.

“Always be your magical self….”

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