Monday 25 October 2021

My Friend Peppa Pig game review


Join Peppa Pig for a once in a lifetime interactive adventure based on the #1 preschool show.

My friend Peppa Pig the video game is out now on consoles, stadia and PC.

Become Peppa Pig’s newest friend as Outright Games, the leading global publisher of family friendly interactive entertainment, in partnership with Hasbro have today launched ‘My Friend Peppa Pig’, available now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation®, Xbox, Stadia and PC. 

Based on the long-running smash hit preschool series Peppa Pig, join Peppa and your favourite characters in this brand new interactive adventure where players create and star in their own unique story. 

Fans of the well-known series can join Peppa, along with other characters including Mummy and Daddy Pig, Suzy, Mr Potato and more for an interactive story driven experience. Players can create and customise their very own character, explore famous locations from the popular TV show, and be part of fun-filled activities alongside Peppa Pig herself. With straightforward controls, little piggies and their parents can join in the fun with Peppa in this single player game, and embark on an epic story.


“We’re thrilled to bring the world of Peppa Pig to fans in this brand-new adventure video game,” said Terry Malham, CEO of Outright Games. “It was exciting to produce a video game in partnership with Hasbro where each player becomes the main character of their own story as they play along with Peppa Pig, and we’re excited to have created something for young children and their parents to enjoy together, discovering all the exciting things Peppa’s world has to offer.”

My Friend Peppa Pig gameplay

My Friend Peppa Pig is a sandbox game that allows fans of the hit animated series for preschoolers to dive into the World of Peppa Pig.

Little gamers can become a new animal character and explore different environments as they would like rather than having to follow a set storyline.

Players can create their own character by selecting from two outfit types - one with a dress and one without. They can then choose the colour of their outfit, species of their character from a selection of animals such as sheep or mouse, fur colour, and whether they want their character to wear accessories such as a hat or glasses.

Help younger gamers, a narrator walks them through a short tutorial that teaches them the controls before they can begin exploring Peppa’s world. Keeping gameplay simple for younger gamers, the game uses simple one-button controls. Players can press a single button to interact with people and objects as they explore Peppa’s world.

Providing familiarity to fans of the TV shows, Peppa accompanies players as they explore different areas in her world. Players explore the world or follow Peppa’s suggestions of visiting specific places. 

The game is vibrant, colourful and fun to look at. The characters look like the TV show which provides familiarity for fans of the show. The backgrounds are also in keeping with the show, adding yet more colour and fun to the game.

The game starts in Peppa’s house with other areas such as the Playgroup, Peppa’s grandparents’ house, Windy Castle, Potato City, the Museum, and more to explore. The different areas feature a variety of short but sweet activities to complete, for example players can ride a chairlift on Snowy Mountain, play dress-up in Peppa’s room, build a sandcastle at the beach or take part in a foot race at the Playground.

In the different locations, players can complete specific tasks such as returning all of Granny Pig’s chickens to the yard or finding Daddy Pig’s lost glasses. Players can visit locations again and repeat any activities that they want to.

We also appreciate the game’s attention to detail. For instance, a picture players draw at the Playgroup may appear on Peppa’s wall in her room later on. This makes the experience feel more immersive and “real,” so kiddos can really feel like they’re a new friend in Peppa’s world.

Mummy and Daddy Pig sometimes take players to Windy Castle so they can view different locations from a telescope at the top of the castle tower. Players are unable to skip this and over time the trip to Windy Castle automatically repeats.

Catering for young fans of Peppa Pig, especially those who cannot read yet, the game features both full voice acting and on-screen subtitles for the narrator and in-game characters.

The game also offers a parental control feature for parents to limit how long their little gamers play the game during each setting. The parental control feature's default setting is 20 minutes, but parents can change it to 5, 10 or 15 minutes instead. There is also a 0 minute setting to turn off the parental controls. If a limit has been set, when the time's up Mummy and Daddy Pig bring players back to Peppa’s house to have a sleepover and once they are asleep the game looks out the window to the night sky to indicate that time is up for the game session.

The game supports up to 3 save files so up to 3 children can create their own characters and save their progress.

Perfect for preschoolers, the game is full of fun, adorable activities that are easy for young players to do. Ideal for young fans of the show it is a enjoyable yet simple introduction to the world of video games with a character that they know.


My Friend Peppa Pig is available now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation®, Xbox, Stadia and PC priced at £34.99/$39.99/€39.99.

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