Saturday 11 December 2021

Christmas gift guide for children


Marvel Spider-Man Kid’s Interactive Smart Watch

This Marvel Spider-Man Kid’s Interactive Smart Watch (RRP £40.00) available at the home of officially licensed merch, Lost Universe, is officially licensed Spider-Man merchandise perfect for any little Spidey fan!

Be the talk of the playground with this Marvel Spider-Man Kids Multicoloured Silicone Strap Watch! 

The touch screen watch features: 10 watch faces (5 analogue and 5 digital), selfie photo/video camera, games, fitness tracker, alarm/stopwatch/timer, voice recorder & calculator.  

Play 6 built-in games on your Spider-Man kids’ smart watch: Fighter Pilot, Number Grid, Memory Test, Stone Warp, Car Chaos and Snake in the Grass. 

Powered by USB cable (supplied) that can also be used for data download to a smartphone/device the watch is adjustable and features scratch resistant glass. Packaged in an official branded gift box it comes with a one year guarantee. 

Ideal for fans of Spider-Man, this spidey-tastic officially licensed interactive smart watch is sure to be hit this Christmas.

JBuddies Studio Wireless Headphones

The JBuddies Studio Wireless headphones (RRP £29.99) from JLab Audio are over-ear headphones designed for kids aged approximately 4-14 years.    

Compact and foldable, the JLab Audio JBuddies Studio Wireless Bluetooth Kids Headphones have a volume limiter so young music fans won't crank up the volume past 85db and damage their young, sensitive ears. They are also comfortable thanks to adjustable headband and feature JLab’s on-ear Cloud Foam™ Cushions.

The in-line controls and microphone are great for hands-free calls or gaming. And the wireless design means your child can roam free. Plus, it's safer too. They can also be used in wired mode and can also be shared thanks to the clever shareport so kids can listen to music or films together. Great for a long flight or car ride, these headphones can be folded for easy packing, and the rechargeable battery lasts up to 13 hours on a single charge.


iOS / Android compatible and available in a range of colours - blue/grey, and purple/grey, they are available from Currys and Argos.

Wicked Mega Spin Saturn Yo-Yo

The Mega Spin Saturn Yo-Yo (RRP £10.00) from experts in active sports and skill toys, Wicked Vision is a yo-yo out of this world!

Remember back in the day when everybody was out in the playground trying to perfect their yo-yo tricks? Now the timeless classic is back, and things have moved on since ‘Walk the Dog’ and ‘Rock the Baby’! Yo-yo-ing is set to make a comeback and the brand new Wicked Mega Spin Saturn will take your skills to another planet!

Gone are the days of fixed axles; the Saturn features a super smooth ball-bearing axle providing ultra-long spin times – you’ll yo-yo like a pro in no time! Want more? How about super bright colour changing LED lights to really make your tricks light up the room! Plus the yo-yo is butterfly shaped for amazing string tricks!

Their compact size and low price point make them perfect stocking fillers and come Christmas morning, there’s no nasty plastic packaging to throw away – the cardboard presentation box can be fully recycled! It comes in two colour options, red or blue. Plus it comes with a replacement string so the yo-yo fun doesn’t stop.

My First Adventure Kit 

The My First Adventure Kit (RRP from £10.00) from BCB International is an activity tin designed to encourage people to get out and discover the outdoors.

It's a tin thing! Experts in the adventure and military survival market for the last 100 years, BCB International’s activity tins have the pedigree of being supplied to the Armed Forces and SAS . From those original survival tins, they have branched out into activity and sports selection too including this fun My First Adventure Kit perfect for children.

Step away from technology and become creative in your own Adventure! (even if it starts off in your back garden!)

The compact My First Adventure Kit is available in winter and summer design. This activity tin contains - 

* Military Dog Tags x2

* Green Camouflage Face Cream (30g tube)

* Loud Distress Whistle

* Waterproof paper & Pencil

* LED Micro Torch Blue

* BCB Survival Instructions

* 2” Mayday Signalling Mirror

Baff Bombz

Baff Bombz (RRP £3.99) from Zimpli Kids are special effects bath bombs that allow you to create an exciting bath time adventure with awesome special effects coming out of the bath bomb. 

They provide an exciting multi-sensory experience thanks to colourful, fizzing effects and lovely scent. They are a great way to make bath time a fun and playful experience. 

UK made, the Baff Bombz are 100% safe on skin, non toxic, easy clean, stain free, drain safe, vegan friendly and biodegradable.

They are available in 4 fun designs - rainbow/cloud, star, rocket and moon.

Xplora XGO2 smartwatch

The XGO2 (RRP £99.99) is an android smartwatch for kids from renowned Norwegian smartwatch company Xplora

This multi-functional children’s smartwatch is designed to spark exploration and is a feature rich gadget and boasts a myriad of functions that are fun for children whilst also providing parents with peace of mind.  

XGO2 features

*4G,3G,2G and WiFi connectivity                        *Android 4.4 OS

*0.3MP front facing camera                                   *GPS and security zones

*SOS button                                                           *Make and receive calls

*Make and receive voice messages & texts            *Waterproof IP67

*Step counter                                                          *Torch, calculator & voice recorder

*Calendar & alarm                                                  *#GOPLAY compatible

The smartwatch provides GPS tracking and guardians can view the location of the watch via the app. Guardians can also set up security zones in key locations such as home and school, and if the smartwatch leaves the area an alert is sent to the guardian on the app.  Useful for emergency  situations, the smartwatch also features an SOS button that the child can press to notify their emergency contacts of their location. 

Using in-built G Sensors, the XGO2 accurately tracks children’s steps. Inspiring children to get active, Xplora rewards children for moving - steps earn Xplora coins. For every 1000 steps children earn 1 Xplora coin which can be used in the innovative and award winning Xplora Goplay platform. Xplora coins can be used on the Goplay store to purchase products with items such as GoPro cameras, trampoline, Xplora speaker, camping hammock, jump ropes, water bottles and much more. There are also regular campaigns that children can take part in by step activity for a chance to win amazing prizes.

The Xplora XGO2 is available directly on the Xplora website in four different colours - black, blue, pink and green.

Sphero indi 

indi from Sphero is an approachable, entry-level, learning robot for kids. This new innovative coding robot is on TIME’s list of the Best Inventions of 2021

Speed into STEAM with this indi kit designed to engage kids ages 4+ in hours of exciting exploratory learning and play at home as they learn coding concepts. 

Offering hours of fun, right out of the box indi helps kids begin learning cause and effect, pattern recognition, colours, directions, and more as they play at home. indi is perfect for equipping young learners with coding, computational thinking, and problem-solving skills, the indi At-Home Learning Kit provides hours of self-guided, screenless engagement. 

Sparking creativity, kids can customize indi with stickers. The cute little robot also features LED lights.

Offering screenless coding, kids will discover how to communicate instructions to indi with colour cards that indi recognises thanks to its on-board colour sensor. They will problem solve puzzles like an engineer, and develop their creativity and design ability as they direct indi through custom mazes they dream up. 

Once they’ve mastered screenless programming, kids can develop their coding skills and learn block coding concepts by changing how indi reacts to different colour cards in the free the Sphero Edu Jr app

The indi At-Home Learning Kit (RRP £99.99) contains - 

*1 robot

*1 charging cable for usb charging

*30 colour cards (coloured cards that instruct indi how to move and operate)

*2 decorative sticker sheets to customize indi

*1 Beginner’s Guide to Programming booklet

*500+ individual pieces of adhesive tape to secure colour cards

Buckle up and watch indi go!

Minecraft Building Block Desk Light

Available from Lost Universe who are the home of officially licensed merch, this mine-tastic Minecraft Building Block Desk Light (RRP £35.00) is officially licensed Minecraft merchandise. 

Do you need a light for your bedroom and want to showcase your love of Minecraft? 

The Minecraft block building light includes 16 separate blocks that can be arranged into any combination upon the base. This means you can illuminate your room however you choose. 

Lost Universe’s Minecraft building blocks are made with the highest quality material that we spent a long time searching for in underground caverns and other worlds. You can trust that your Minecraft block building light will be keeping your bedroom free of mobs for years to come, allowing you to build and craft without any disturbance. 

Each Minecraft building block included in the set is themed on different materials or items on your usual server, so you can light up your bedroom with illuminous TNT, furnaces or Jack-o’-lanterns. While we know our Minecraft block building light is seriously cool, it also makes a great practical addition, providing light for reading, playing or gaming. It’s approx. measurements are 6cm x 20cm x 18cm.

Light up your gaming space as you get your game on in the world of Minecraft!


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