Monday 24 October 2022

Tips for encouraging an active imagination in your child

There are many ways to encourage an active imagination in your child. But the question is, why should we? An active imagination in a child means that they will develop critical life. Nearly all children have the power of imagination, to turn a stick into a sword or a blanket into a Cape. This can seem like an ordinary part of childhood, but is a crucial part in a child's development. Adults should encourage children to use their imagination as much as possible to keep the flame lit for as long as possible. Here are some tips from a private boy’s school in Hampstead on encouraging an active imagination in your child. 

Read and tell your child stories! Reading is one of the best ways to develop an active imagination. The more we read, talk and discuss storytelling with children, the better they can build and expand on their knowledge. Reading allows us to open our minds to new ideas and concepts whilst gaining an understanding of new things. It is important for your child to try and write their own stories as it will send them down different roads, twists and turns which will help expand their imagination.

Allow your child to take part in unstructured play as it is important for your child’s mind and body too. The advice given is that your child should take part in twice as much unstructured play as they do structured play. 

Offer different materials, toys and activities. Free play with toys and materials nurtures your child’s creativity, imagination and problem-solving skills. This could be cardboard boxes, building blocks, sand, water and mud. The idea is to introduce open-ended tools for your child to be able to make up their own games and change up how they play when they want to. The great part is, it can be done both with friends or solo!

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