Tuesday 15 November 2022

The Importance of English Literature Lessons in Schools

English literature is a great subject to get involved in that will help your child develop their skills in a number of ways. It is a subject that will be compulsory, so it’s important to give your child the skills to help them learn to enjoy this subject. It’s still very crucial for children to explore for these many reasons.

It helps your child explore different forms of literature

It might feel like your child is going to be reading a lot of stories, but there is also the exploration of poetry, sonnets, short stories and other forms of writing. There is the opportunity for your child to pick up a lot of different forms of creative stories and understand the many forms of writing out there.

It gives your child the skills they will need for future exams

We say this because your child’s school, from independent schools, UK boarding schools and primary or secondary schools, will have exams for children to get prepared for. A lot of these exams will require your child to write their point of view and analyse the question to get their argument across. English Literature will help your child learn to write in an analytical way, with many ways they can articulate their opinions.

Helps your child find the joy in reading

Understanding literature means your child is able to see just how great reading is. It helps your child explore lots of different subjects, cultures and expands their horizons in a natural way. 

Teachers will often use your child’s favourite stories as good points of analysis where they can look into the themes on a more in-depth level. Stories should bring joy to children, or at least help your child learn something new from the books they pick up. See which stories your child likes thanks to the development of their skills in their Literature lessons.

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