Friday 9 December 2022

A Quick Guide on Optimizing your Mac for Gaming

For a long time, Mac has been regarded as unfriendly for gaming compared to other PCs. That experience is changing. For starters, modern Macs have the computing power to let you play some of the best games in the market like Hades, Stardew Valley and likes. You simply need a bit of savvy optimization to get your Mac ready for a superb gaming experience. Here is a quick guide to prep your Mac for gaming: 

Upgrade your Mac  

The newest Mac models are more friendly in gaming than the older models. Therefore, consider upgrading to a newer Mac if you want to enjoy gaming. The latest Mac models have advanced graphic processing technology that has unlocked new possibilities in gaming. If you are not in a position to upgrade your Mac, you can purchase an external Graphics Processing Unit. But an external GPU will only work if your Mac has Intel processors.  

Free Up Space in your Mac  

Games need several gigabytes to run optimally. Before you download games, ensure that your hard disk has enough space. You should ideally have a free storage space of 25GB for a great gaming experience. If you need adequate storage space, delete unnecessary items from your device. Such include old videos, unused applications, and unnecessary documents, to mention a few. Also, you can instead move resources to an external disk to create more space. The free space will optimize your gaming experience.  

Update your Mac  

Before playing games on your Mac, install the latest system updates. It is possible to install the updates as you play games, but the process may cause lagging, and you may not enjoy gaming. A system update might help if there was an error connecting to the apple id server. In this case, updating your Mac can fix the error and allow easy access to the App Store on your Mac, where you can download the latest games in the market. The system update will also help you access the latest feature and make your gaming experience more thrilling.  

Edit the In-game Settings  

The high-quality game setting is good, but it can slow your Mac's performance during gaming. In most cases, tweaking game settings can optimize the experience for Mac. For instance, you can reduce the screen resolution or the texture quality of the game to a range that allows you to have the best gaming results. Also, you can use the full and windowed screen modes to see which works best for your Mac.  

Disable background processes in your Mac  

Your Mac may have background applications constantly running, updating, and collecting information. These applications may take up your RAM and lag your Mac during gaming. If you want to improve the performance of your Mac, it is important to disable unnecessary background processes. This will free up RAM, speed up your processor, and optimize gaming. In case of a sudden slow down when gaming, check your Activity Monitor to see if a program started suddenly and if so, disable it.  

Final remarks

Macs are equally good for gaming as the PC. You just need to optimize your device for the best gaming experience. You will certainly have fun gaming on your Mac with the right tweaks!

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