Sunday 11 December 2022

Christmas gift guide for children

Invert V3 TS1.5 Prism neochrome oil slick stunt scoot

This stunning Invert Stunt Scooter (RRP £129.95) with neochrome oil slick design is a limited edition scooter that is exclusive to

This V3 TS1.5 features an improved headtube and durable steel forks. The overall scooter has a timeless design in the striking Neochrome colour to ensure that you stand out at the skatepark.

Invert have doubled up on style with some incredible graphics on the griptape and hollowcore wheels that are unique to the prism scooter!

The scooter itself is a slightly smaller version than the TS2 scooter so suits ages 6-14 years old. 

Perfect for youngsters who want to hit the ramps at the skatepark, this eye-catching and premium stunt scooter is a fab gift this Christmas for some awesome scooting fun!

Baff Bombz Solar System

The Zimpli Kids Baff Bombz Solar System (RRP £9.99) gift set is a fun yet educational present ideal for Christmas.

The set includes 9 x 35g Planet Baff Bombz which are biodegradable and 9 x Educational Planetary Fact Cards.

They are vegan friendly, made in the UK, comply with strict European safety standards, easy clean, stain free, drain safe and skin safe.

The bath bombs make bath time fun by creating a colourful, fizzing bath adventure and the educational planetary fact cards are perfect for an out of this world learning experience. 

It's Bananas!

It’s Bananas! The Monkey Tail game (RRP £24.99) is a fun game that will leave you bursting with sidesplitting laughter. 

Created by the small but awesome, queer-owned business McMiller who produce epic party games and toys, It’s Bananas is the smash-hit party game that will have your friends and family howling from the moment you strap on a monkey tail to your last squat. 

Split into two teams, warm up those thighs, and whoever collects the most bananas wins!  Easy … or is it?  

Playable with 2+ players and for those aged 6+, the game your loved ones going bananas this Christmas!


Created by the Happy Puzzle Company, Mobi (RRP £19.99) is a fun yet educational game. 

Think Of 'Scrabble' And 'Bananagrams', But With Numbers! Mobi is an ingenious, number-tastic game. 

Blue tiles are numbers and white tiles are operations. Players use their tiles to create ‘crosswords’ of maths equations, which can be simple or complex, meaning the whole family can play. Be the first to use up all your tiles once the pool of 162 has been finished. Tiles store inside a zip-up whale!

Perfect for children who love learning through games, Mobi is a great Christmas gift.

Floating Baff Putty

Stretch it, mould it and watch it change colour! The Floating Baff Putty set (RRP £5.99) from Zimpli kids includes 2 x Tubs of Colour Change Baff Putty and a fun sealife Mould Tray.

A perfect bath toy for children, this set is proudly made in the Uk to strict European safety standards meaning the Baff Putty is skin safe, drain safe, easy clean and stain free. 

Ideal for sensory play, the Baff Putty floats and changes colour with heat. Give the gift of a splash-tastic time with this Baff Putty set.

FlipSlide game

Master the moves to beat the blocks with the FlipSlide Game (RRP £19.99) by Moose Toys

FlipSlide is the take anywhere challenge you can't put down! It’s a fidget toy for fast minds and fast moves. 

With 4 fun modes, you'll be hooked from your first FlipSlide game! Beat the clock in Speed Mode, challenge your skills in Level Mode, test your memory in Memory Mode or challenge your friends in Multi-player mode.

This sensory toy offers an amazing fidget toy, for hands-on fun, providing a tactile experience for children. Sensory toys can help develop communication, fine motor skills and creative play as well as improve reflexes and dexterity.

Funko Something Wild Spider-Man

The Funko Something Wild Spider-Man (RRP £8) is a fun, fast-paced, light card game for the whole family! 

This Something Wild card game set features a collectible Spider-Man Pop! mover, as well as favourite characters from the Spider-Man universe in full colour card art. 

Play Character Cards in sets and runs to score points. Power Cards add fun new twists to the classic card gameplay. Combine with other Marvel Something Wild! games to add more characters, Pop! movers, and Powers to your game!

Perfect for fans of Spider-Man and collectors of Funko Pops, this card game will be a hit this Christmas.

The Big Softy oversized hoodie for kids

Snuggly and warm, this oversized blanket hoodie (RRP £28.99) for kids aged 4-10 years from The Big Softy store who are an Amazon Small Business merchant, is a lovely gift to give this Christmas. 

With layers of cuddly fleece on the outside and soft fuzzy sherpa on the inside, The Big Softy kids hoodie blanket is designed to leave your little ones feeling instantly warm & comfy.

The kids hooded blanket is made from premium thick (high gsm) fleece, and is reversible with no visible stitching on the inside. Choose from 3 animal favourites that will delight children

Babolat Nadal Junior 21 Tennis Racket

The Babolat Nadal Junior 21 Tennis Racket (RRP £26.99) has been rigorously designed for young players who dream of treading in Rafa's footsteps.

Available from TennisHQ who are experts in all things tennis from tennis rackets to clothes to tennis balls to racket extras and so much more, the  Nadal Junior 21 racquet is suitable for young players between 105 and 120 cm tall. The Nadal Junior range is available in multiple lengths to suit any young player, from 19" up to 26"!

Boasting Rafa’s signature colours yellow, orange and purple, this tennis racket is lightweight and made from aluminium construction.

Perfect for beginners, the Nadal Junior 21 is a great gift for youngsters interested in trying tennis this Christmas.


  1. Forget about kids; these games might actually to fun to play with adults too! My family and I play board games a lot when we get together, maybe I’ll try these out at some point and show them off!

    -Whitney Stewart

  2. I have never seen the baff putty before, but totally need to pick some up for Christmas! Thank you so much for this list - it's so helpful when finding gifts for kids.

  3. Well, these are fun! I think the Monkey Tail game really looks like a blast.

  4. Lovely ideas for kids. I personally love the bath bomb set but I know mine would be happy with anything on this list.

  5. Children needs and likes are different. This gift guide for children will help in choosing the best suited item.

  6. My God Daughter will love all f these and especially the scooter! That is perfect for under the tree ;)

  7. My niece would like any of these. At 6 years old, the scooter would be perfect for her to play in the garden.

  8. Lots of cute ideas here for the little ones! They can be so picky and I always have a hard time with my little cousins...thanks for some of these ideas :D

  9. I love the sound of the baff putty. We've not tried that before. That can be really good fun and help children enjoy having a bath.