Wednesday 21 December 2022

Dining in Dubai - how to find places to eat when visiting Dubai


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Dubai, synonymous with luxury, is one of the world’s top 5-star glam holiday destinations. Renowned for its stunning beaches, glitz and riches, innovative architecture, premium hotels, and spectacular shopping, Dubai is a destination full of opulence and culture. 

Dubai also boasts countless culinary delights and award-winning restaurants that delight taste buds. Enjoying authentic Emirati cuisine whilst visiting Dubai can help you experience the culture of Dubai. Emirati dishes usually showcase ingredients like fish, meat, and rice with dishes enhanced with spices, and traditional cuisines include Khuzi and Al Machboos. 

Not only does Dubai offer an impressive range of restaurants and eateries that provide authentic Emirati cuisine, but it is a melting pot of a diverse range of cuisines and fusion foods from across the world. With such variety available, the restaurants and eateries of Dubai cater for all tastes and budgets, allowing visitors to enjoy food they know and love or delight in experiencing new culinary delicacies.

Like all things Dubai, the food there is premium, impressive and varied!

With so many cuisines, restaurants and eateries available in Dubai it can be tricky to know where to eat. Here are a few ways to help you find your favourite food places in Dubai.

Delve into Dubai

As you delve into Dubai, touring and exploring the rich culture and magnificent experiences that it has to offer, take a look around and find eateries to try. Looking at the atmosphere, business, cleanliness and menu from the outside can give an indication of the quality of the eatery. By exploring you might just stumble across a hidden gem of a top notch eatery.

Search Square Meal

Search Square Meal, a leading restaurant guide and review site, to find the best local restaurants in Dubai. Finding food in Dubai is easier than ever thanks to Square Meal UAE as you simply put in your location and it tells you the nearest restaurants. Searches can be narrowed down by budget, cuisines type, awards won etc. Then you can find out more about restaurants by looking at its profile which highlights more information about the restaurant, showcases reviews and displays pictures of the food. Square Meal also informs of places to eat by spotlighting restaurants and listing places in posts such as ‘The best restaurants in Downtown Dubai for a guaranteed good meal’.

Feast at a food hall

Dubai has an impressive food hall scene where there is a blend of local, authentic food and global flavours. By visiting a food hall you can enjoy both local cuisines and global foods in one place, which is perfect if you and your party want to experience different cuisines at the same time. Some famous food halls include -

* Depachika, the food halls inspired by Japanese food halls in department stores, where as well as enjoying food visitors can also book cooking classes

* Time Out market where there is 18 different outlet’s from the city’s best food providers

* Downtown kitchens which is an artisanal market that combines a mix of homegrown and international culinary talent

* South Market food hall which boasts upmarket dining establishments

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Listen to the locals

Get recommendations from locals for places to eat that will give you an authentic experience and local food. By eating at places locals recommend you are more likely to feel immersed in the culture and experience a truly authentic meal. The back street cafes, rustic bistros, and eateries off the beaten track will enhance your experience of Emirati cuisine. 

Savour street food

One of the best ways to experience authentic Emirati cuisine is to hit the streets and sample Dubai street food. Full of flavour, quality and taste, Dubai’s street food markets are worth a visit. Some of Dubai’s street food markets include -

* Dubai Marina walk where there are extraordinary food trucks and a cosy atmosphere

* Last Exit that serves food from diverse cultures and countries

* Jumeirah Corniche which is a 14 kilometre promenade that has street food specialities from different nationalities

* Bur Dubai which is one of Dubai’s oldest neighbourhoods and is foodie heaven

Wherever you eat in Dubai, enjoy the culinary delights it has to offer as you experience the culture, visit the shops, enjoy luxury and explore the popular landmarks of Dubai that make it extra special.

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