Tuesday 6 June 2023

Activities to Enhance Your Child's Cognitive Development

Cognitive development concerns how children explore, think, and find solutions. It is how they expand their knowledge, develop skills, problem solve and understand dispositions. It starts the moment your baby is born and should be built upon to set children up for success at school and later life. There are various activities that can help children with their cognitive development. Below are a few that were recommended by a private nursery in London.

Label Objects

To teach children about the world around them, you can introduce them to everyday objects and ideas. Go around your home and share what different objects are called, starting with the things that they come into contact with every day like their bottle and snacks.

Board Games

For slightly older children, try board games, like snap and snakes and ladders which get them to exercise their thinking skills. They are fun and also a great way to bond. 


This activity is simpler than the last and involves making use of the things that you have lying around the home. Using what you both find, order the objects from biggest to smallest and vice versa. 

Unstructured Play

Perhaps one of the most beneficial things that you can do for your child’s cognitive development is to allow them the opportunity to play and explore what they like through unstructured play. It gives them the chance to make their own discoveries about the world, exercise creativity and problem solving.


You can give each other instructions, for example to put objects away behind you, in front of you, etc. This can help with their dispositions and spatial awareness.

Essentially what’s important is that children have rich learning opportunities and the chance to explore the world around them. As well as the activities we’ve shared, look at ways to introduce your child to more of it. Broaden their horizons by taking them to new environments, and places that stimulate their thinking.

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