Monday 11 September 2023

Children’s books that are spookily perfect for Halloween


Get in the mood for spooky season with these fab-boo-lous stories for children from Little Tiger Press.

With spooktacular stories for young and older children, these books are a magical treat.

What's Scarier than a Spider?

Written by Becky Davies and illustrated by Amelia Best, What’s Scarier than a Spider? (RRP £7.99 ISBN 9781801044783) is a fun book with a quirky twist.

A game of peekaboo – but not as you know it!

Spiders are SCARY, but they may just have met their match . . . Lift the transformative flaps to reveal ever BIGGER and BADDER characters in a series of hilarious showdowns. Children will hoot with laughter as they transform the seemingly sweet critters into truly terrific terrors! With bold, quirky art and a giant fold-out flap on the final page, this is the perfect book for amusing little ones.

Think you know which creature’s scarier? Think again!

This lovely board book is vibrant with colourful characters that little ones will love. The hilarious read will have them cackling with joy and laughter as they meet the creepy creatures.

You're My Little Baby Boo

From the range of ‘You’re My Little…’ books, You’re My Little Baby Boo (RRP £7.99 ISBN 9781838915537) is written by Nicola Edwards and illustrated by Natalie Marshall.

Celebrate your little baby boo this Halloween with this sweetly spooky rhyming board book. With chunky pages for little hands and die-cut parent and baby characters, this is the perfect seasonal bedtime read.

With raised board pieces and die cuts, little ones will love this chunky board book.

Cute and colourful, this boo-tiful board book filled with adorable characters and lovely words. Perfect for little boo’s, this book is definitely a treat!

Dreamweavers: Night of the Scary Fairies

Meet the ultimate Dream Team in this dreamy book written by Annabelle Sami and illustrated by Forrest Burdett. 

Dreamweavers: Night of the Scary Fairies (RRP £6.99 ISBN: 9781788956000) is the first book in a fun, fresh and exciting new series, for fans of Laura Ellen Anderson, Star Friends, Peanut Jones and Witch for a Week.

When Tito becomes friends with the mysterious new girl at school, Neena, she introduces him to the world of Dreamweaving. Soon Tito and Neena are going on adventures every night – exploring dreams where quirky creatures called jinn roam. And when their classmates start acting strangely, they realise someone else is using Dreamweaving to cause chaos. Can Tito and Neena stop them before the dream world takes over the waking world?

This enchanting book will let older children drift off into the land of dreams and adventures.

Flip Flap Halloween

This spooky flip flap board book by Becky Davies and illustrated by Mike Moran is a spooktacular delight for younger children.

Flip Flap Halloween (RRP £8.99 ISBN 9781801044912) is a vibrant, interactive book perfect for Halloween.

Flip flap, who is that? 

Turn the shaped split pages to lift the lid of Dracula’s coffin, peer past cobwebs and reveal your favourite Halloween characters feature by feature. Little ones will love to guess who’s hiding as they uncover a howling yowling werewolf, a blinking winking monster, and other spooky creatures. Open the page segments in any order and delight in the text that transforms for read-aloud fun! 

The fun and colourful book has brilliant illustrations and a joyous Halloween themed tale that will get young readers squealing with delight as they adventure through the flip flap board book filled with tiny terrors and fun twists.

I'm Not Scared, You Are!

Written by Patricia Hegarty and illustrated by Thomas Elliott, I’m not scared, you are! (RRP £12.99 ISBN 9781838915766) is a rhymtastic creepy adventure tale. 

The wild wind is howling,
there's a creak on the stair.
Are you feeling brave?
Follow me if you dare!

Join a cast of creepy creatures in this journey through a night packed with ghosts and ghouls, toads and trolls and bats and black cats! With 24 super-spooky sounds – are YOU brave enough? 

With a fun rhyming text and 24 sounds, this is a spooktacular adventure!

The book is beautifully illustrated with a haunted, eerie vibe and has an enjoyable story that is packed full of spooky sounds, joyous rhymes and sentences that effortlessly roll of the tongue in an enchanting way. 

Diary of an Accidental Witch: Stage Fright

A magical book for older children aged 8-12, Diary of an Accidental Witch: Stage Fright (RRP £6.99 ISBN: 9781788956086) by Perdita & Honor Cargill and illustrated by Katie Saunders is a fun story ideal for Halloween.

When Bea’s class is tasked with putting on the school play, she is excited. Her friends are nothing if not dramatic, and now her magic is getting stronger, perhaps she can use that create some special effects!

But before long the drama takes over the school – with overenthusiastic set design, nervous performers and transformation mishaps. It’s time for Bea and her friends to put their team work to the test and put on an unFROGettable performance…

A perfect potion of magic and mischief, DIARY OF AN ACCIDENTAL WITCH is THE WORST WITCH meets TOM GATES.

Make Halloween a special magical adventure with this spelltastic tale.

Enjoy Halloween with these spooktacular books from Little Tiger Press.


  1. These are such cute ideas! When my kids were younger, I always made it a point to have holiday-themed story time with them for every season. Love it.

  2. we have a couple of spooky books that are perfect for Halloween lol...I will check these ones, thank you so much.

  3. What fun!! A great collection of books for kids and they do love these kinds of books don't they.

  4. Marie Cris Angeles12 September 2023 at 13:01

    Wow! I'm starting to buy books for my niece and he really loved reading it. Spooky books is good reco, might buy one for him.

  5. These all sound like very sweet Halloween books. Perfect for reading to the little ones before the spooky season

  6. This spooky season just got even more exciting with these fabulous children's stories from Little Tiger Press! ๐Ÿ“š๐Ÿ‘ป It's fantastic to see books like "What's Scarier than a Spider?" offering a unique and quirky twist on the classic game of peekaboo. These stories are sure to add some enchantment to young readers' Halloween celebrations. ๐Ÿ•ท️๐Ÿ“–๐ŸŽƒ #SpookyStories #LittleTigerPress #ChildrensBooks

  7. What a cute collection of books to read for the Halloween season! Always fun to get into the spirit with some reading :D They sound really adorable and I love the illustrations.

  8. As a parent, finding quality and engaging books for my kids is always a priority, especially as we approach the Halloween season. Your recommendations are fantastic, and your descriptions of each book's charm and suitability for different age groups are incredibly helpful.

  9. These such great recommendations! My kids are all grown up now, but when they were younger, reading was a part of our daily routine. We never did many spooky themed books because honestly, I never knew how many choices were out there! I appreciate you sharing your picks and I will be sure to pass the list along to my relatives with young kids.

  10. These sound like really lovely spooky books for kids. I saw a few that would be perfect for both my sons and nephews ages. I'm hoping my son will read the scary fairy book to me.

  11. Baby Boo and I'm Not Scared you Are sound really fun! Thank you for these Halloween book suggestions - holidays are a great time to get little ones to read.

  12. Spider scares me too, but these remaining books look so fun and cute. Definite a must have collection of halloween kids books.