Tuesday 20 September 2011

4D Scans

As I was catching up on facebook earlier I saw a link on Mothercare UK’s page for an article on the daily mail’s website. Intrigued by the headline "Facial expressions such as smiling or crying develop before birth, new study shows". I decided to give it a read. The article explains how scientists examined 4D scan footage which helped them discover that facial expressions are developed whilst babies are in the womb during the later stages of pregnancy. Researchers said how "This research has for the first time demonstrated that in healthy fetuses there is a developmental progression from simple to complex facial movements, preparing the fetus for life post birth."

It is amazing to me how science and technology is improving and progressing over the years and how it said in the article that “The discovery could help potentially identify health problems, since there is a link between fetal behavioural patterns and the development of the fetal brain. Looking at differences between normal and abnormal fetal facial developments may indicate problems with brain development." 
Reading the article made me reminise about the time we had a 4D Scan of Bug when I was 28 weeks pregnant. It was amazing to see our little man in 4D wriggling around in my belly. We could see him move around, arms and legs moving constantly….he was a right little wriggler and still is now.

Our little man *waving* from the womb. 

I love that we’ve got some gorgeous 4D pictures of Bug and a DVD of the whole scan to cherish forever. It was such a lovely experience and I hope that when we have another baby we will be able to get 4D Scan again.

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  1. I too am amazed at how technology is changing!  All my scan pics are in 2d but very clear and you can defo tell they are babies!  I hired a heart monitor during my last pregnancy and used to love listening to my babies heart beat.  I know many people would say that it is maybe not a good idea because a mother to be might panic if she couldn't 'find' the heartbeat but I think everyone is different and I fount it reassuring.

    Yes these new scans are amazing - I wonder what will be next!