Monday 12 September 2011

Gumigem giveaway on the blog accidentally, kle

As my little man is teething I have always got my eyes peeled when I’m online for any mention of anything that will help ease his discomfort. So earlier on when I saw a tweet about a sponsored giveaway of Gumigem I was eager to put my name in the hat, metaphorically, in the hope of winning.

This lovely giveaway of a Gumigem pendant is being hosted by Clare on her blog accidentally, kle who has luckily for us teamed up with the creator of Gumigem, Jenny McLaughlan to offer us the chance to win one pendant.
The beauty of Gumigem pendants is that not only do they look beautiful but they are teething accessories. As they are made of silicone your little one can chomp away happily on the pendant. A way of easing baby’s teething discomfort whilst mummy gets to wear jewellery again… perfect is that.

I most definitely have got my fingers crossed that I am the lucky one who wins and if you too want a chance then go to this page on accidentally, kle’s blog. Good luck to all who enter (even though secretly I hope I get the pendant) :-)

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